Kingfisher Around the World

The SCS Kingfisher certification mark is showing up on an increasing number of products around the world.  It differentiates companies that are making a difference for people and the planet, and helps businesses, institutional buyers, government procurement agencies, and consumers make better informed decisions about the environmental, sustainability, and quality aspects of the products and services they use.  This campaign provides news and highlights about these certified products and the innovative companies behind them. 


Why the Kingfisher?  Kingfisher birds, ubiquitous and beloved around the world, are known for their keen vision and skillful hunting. These qualities are reminiscent of the functions we perform every day as third-party auditors in the field.  Widely recognized as indicators of environmental health, some Kingfisher species are now threatened with extinction. The SCS Kingfisher serves as a reminder of the power, beauty, and vulnerability of nature in the face of human activities.

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Responsible Production & Consumption

Complimentary Webinar: Storage & Distribution Audits – How To Get Started and Best Practices
In this webinar, SCS will review the audit standards that offer Storage & Distribution audits and what criteria is required from training, HACCP plan development, modern GDP practices, and how to apply industry best practices for developing and implementing management system.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Webinar: Preparing for an Unannounced Audit – How To Ensure Your Site Is Audit Ready Everyday
Join SCS Global services for a complimentary webinar on "Preparing for an Unannounced Audit – How to Ensure Your Site is Audit Ready Everyday" | July 9, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET/9:00 AM PT

Responsible Production & Consumption

SCS Global Services Announces New Certification Program for Water Stewardship and Resiliency
SCS Global Services, a pioneer and world leader in the field of third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing and standards development today announced a new certification program for water stewardship and resiliency.

Responsible Production & Consumption

American Farmland Trust Approves SCS Global Services As Certification Body for U.S. Farmed Certification
SCS Global Services (SCS) is proud to announce it has been chosen as a certification body for the U.S. Farmed™ certification program. The certification is underpinned by a standard developed by SCS Standards, a subsidiary of SCS Global Services, for American Farmland Trust (AFT).

Responsible Production & Consumption

Case Study - Standardizing an Ethic of Care: How the Food Is Medicine Coalition Established a Comprehensive, Industry Accreditation Program
The Food Is Medicine Coalition (FIMC) is a national collective of non-profit organizations across the United States that has provided medically tailored meal (MTM) and medically tailored grocery (MTG) services built on the power of food and community for almost 40 years.


SCS Consulting Services Launches Carbon Accounting & Management Software To Enable Faster Climate Action
Today, SCS Consulting Services (SCS) announced a new partnership with leading carbon accounting platform developer Sustain.Life, offering a comprehensive carbon management solution for organizations of all sizes.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Nydree Flooring Releases Its ‘Zero Collection’ With an Environmental Product Declaration, Highlighting Its Sustainability Attributes
Nydree Flooring (Nydree) announces its ‘Zero Collection’ acrylic infused hardwood flooring with a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), demonstrating transparency of its environmental sustainability attributes.

Responsible Production & Consumption

SCS Standards Releases SCS-116 Certification Standard for Water Stewardship and Resiliency
SCS Standards, is pleased to announce the publication of SCS-116, the Certification Standard for Water Stewardship & Resiliency. The Standard provides requirements for an organization to measure its baseline water performance, set relevant targets, & more.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

SCS Consulting Complimentary Webinar: Climate Financial Risk: The Steps To Take Before Regulated Reporting Begins
Organizations are being requested to identify, evaluate, manage and disclose climate-related risks at increasing frequency, including within the new SEC Climate Rule.

Events, Media & Communications

SCS Global Services Attending Circularity 2024 in Chicago
SCS Global Services (SCS) will be attending Circularity 24 in Chicago from May 22 – 24, 2024.  This premier event, hosted by GreenBiz, brings together visionaries and practitioners dedicated to building a circular economy.

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