International Medical Corps Deploys Field Hospital in Times of Need With Support From FedEx

May 9, 2024 3:30 PM ET
International Medical Corps supplies staged by the FedEx Supply Chain warehouse team in Memphis.

From helping contain Ebola outbreaks in Africa to serving displaced persons in conflict zones, International Medical Corps responds to crises all over the world. One of the ways we provide support in these situations is through the deployment of a modularized field hospital.

Depending on the configuration, our field hospital enables International Medical Corps to deliver lifesaving care to up to 800 patients a day. These efforts would not be possible without the essential support of FedEx.

In 2016, FedEx generously offered to warehouse our field hospital, and a team of experts helped modularize it, enabling customization for different types of emergencies. FedEx also played an instrumental role when International Medical Corps became the first NGO worldwide to be classified by the World Health Organization as an Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Type 1 in 2021. This classification means that we meet the highest standards when deploying and operating a fixed health facility or mobile medical unit in the aftermath of a disaster.

More recently, International Medical Corps decided to deploy a field hospital in response to a crisis and quickly alerted FedEx. Immediately, the FedEx warehouse team staged 124 pallets for transport. “This significant undertaking showcased their commitment to swift and effective action, laying the foundation for the seamless deployment of the field hospital,” explained Ronny Elfassy, Deputy Director of Emergency Response Operations and Preparedness. Going the extra mile, FedEx also completed all dangerous goods (DG) packaging and labeling for the shipment.

The FedEx team not only agreed to stage the pallets and to help prepare the DG packaging and labeling, but also to load trucks during pickup. “A process that normally should have taken three to five days was done over a weekend, demonstrating the willingness of FedEx to accommodate our urgent needs. Their commitment to expedite the timeline for this process is a testament to their exceptional dedication to our mission,” said Ronny.

With this assistance from FedEx, we were able to deploy a fully equipped and staffed field hospital covering more than 11,840 square feet and constructed with two 20-foot modular containers and 20 large tents. The field hospital also received the necessary equipment for an emergency room and inpatient care facilities, allowing our staff to provide comprehensive services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including: surgical care for trauma, physical rehabilitation, emergency obstetric and newborn care, advanced mental health services and more.

The proactive and dedicated support of FedEx significantly contributes to the overall success of our missions, exemplifying the power of collaboration in times of need.

Authored by Caitlin Bartkus, International Medical Corps