FedEx Empowers and Inspires Students at the USHLI National Conference

May 2, 2024 12:05 PM ET

FedEx team members made a significant impact at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) 2024 National Conference in Chicago, February 15 – 17. Our presence at the event showcased FedEx’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement.

The weekend’s events also served as the kickoff to the 2024 Student Leadership Series (SLS), of which FedEx is honored to be the Honorary Chair. The SLS is a program for Latino high school students with a goal of promoting long-term community advancement by motivating students to graduate from high school, complete some type of post-secondary education such as a certificate or college degree, and to become leaders in the private and public sector. The series has reached a total of 937,879 participants in 39 states since it began in 2011, and FedEx is proud to have played a role in its success.

Ariel Mendez, Managing Director, Operations, Los Angeles, FXE brought amazing energy as he gave inspiring remarks to 2700 high school students in attendance at the official kickoff event. Meanwhile, Tiffany Lucas, HR Advisor, Talent Pipelines, FXS managed the tables at the Career & Graduate School Recruitment Fair and provided information on opportunities across the FedEx enterprise. Peggy Carrera, Managing Director, LH Engineering, FXG was an impressive panelist for a session entitled “Afro-Latinas: Their Rise to the Power of Influence & Inclusion” where she advocated for authenticity in corporate settings, and made a huge impression on the students. Giraldo Alvaré, Sr. Communications Specialist, FXS hosted a workshop entitled “Elevate your Brand” to a standing room only audience of hungry students interested in learning how to build their own personal brands.

“The 2024 United States Hispanic Leadership Institute National Conference was quite a rewarding experience,” stated Peggy Carrera, Managing Director, LH Engineering, FXG, “I had an opportunity to witness the growth of students I have been able to connect with over the past year. Representing FedEx at this event is most fulling; the notion that we are impacting and making a difference in the lives of future leaders is a testament to our commitment in making every FedEx experience outstanding.”

Throughout the weekend, FedEx representatives engaged with conference participants, sharing insights about career opportunities within FedEx and offering guidance on professional development. Additionally, FedEx took the opportunity to highlight its initiatives aimed at supporting Hispanic communities, such as scholarship programs, small business support, and diversity in hiring practices. By actively engaging with attendees and demonstrating its dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion, FedEx reinforced its position as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

“It was a privilege to represent FedEx and speak to the students, faculty, and community and corporate leaders” said Ariel Mendez, Managing Director, Operations, Los Angeles, FXE, “FedEx has been a sponsor of USHLI since 2017 and it is always great to connect with students that have attained academic and career success thanks to USHLI’s and FedEx’s efforts. I am humbled to be a part of an organization that does so much for our community”.

Overall, FedEx's participation in the USHLI 2024 National Conference not only contributed to the event's success but also underscored our company's commitment to empowering Hispanic leaders and fostering a more inclusive society.