Covia’s Dividing Creek Plant: Nurturing Nature and Empowering Communities

Nov 16, 2023 9:35 AM ET

Covia is privileged to manage a variety of natural resources, which is why conservation and community well-being are deeply embedded in the way we operate our mining and processing facilities. Covia’s Dividing Creek plant, located in Dividing Creek, New Jersey, is located just 25 miles from the beaches of Cape May and Avalon and is our largest dredge mining facility.

Dividing Creek’s Commitment to the Environment 

Team Members at the plant work to maintain an important environmental balance. They often have nesting bald eagles near the plant entrance and are actively working with the South Jersey Quail Project to help restore the quail population. Our Dividing Creek property is perfect for releasing adult quail as part of the plan to save this native species. In addition, they have helped build a large flight pen to raise the quail. The plant will soon have a live feed to view the incubators in action!

In addition, Dividing Creek has added a water line to its raw bin storage facility that will divert excess water for immediate reuse in the mill, reducing the need for fresh water. The site, in partnership with the local municipality, also helped remove a dam located in a local waterway, returning the stream to the Delaware Bay Watershed and restoring the Maurice River Bluffs to its natural condition.

Positive Social Impact

Every day, we strive to foster a culture of performance and accountability - one in which we all understand the important role we play in ensuring a bright and sustainable future for our company, our customers and the communities we serve. One way we do this is by ensuring a Safety First mindset at all Covia facilities.

While every Covia facility is responsible for maintaining our high standards of safety and health performance, for Dividing Creek, with the additional use of boats and heavy dredging equipment in a water environment, the stakes are higher. As a result, Team Members take extra precautions to ensure their safety, the safety of the plant, and its equipment. According to Plant Manager, Brian Lenhart, "Any team member has the ability to shut down the plant if they feel that the situation is not safe.” Team Members take this responsibility seriously and know that they are responsible for their own safety at work and at home, and each one of them leads by example every day! This focus and determination was evident on October 5 when the plant celebrated 5 years without a lost time accident!

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