Covia Is Digitizing Innovation To Unlock Potential

Oct 3, 2023 10:15 AM ET
Covia employees Vincent and Rick working on the computer

We believe our investments in technology are crucial for unlocking the full potential of our pipeline. This includes the software we rely on when developing our products and solutions.

In 2022, we upgraded our analytical data management capabilities by completing the installation of a new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) at Covia's Analytical Services Laboratory (CASL) in Ottawa, Illinois. The platform is integrated with our laboratory equipment at the site to provide actionable real-time feedback, and its automated functionality helps ensure our lab-driven data is accurate, easily accessible, and managed in a consistent and reliable manner.

Additional capabilities of the system include automatically verifying compliant samples during product testing, creating data audit trails for materials tested, and fostering transparency through comprehensive testing logs. The automated functionality eliminates human intervention risks and costly mistakes during product testing while streamlining operating processes.

In 2022, we piloted the LIMS at one of our operational sites. Following that successful pilot, this year we targeted implementation at 10 additional sites. The use of this integrated system across our R&D facilities will drive improvements through data uniformity and clarity, which in turn will manifest in quality improvements, better process management, and enhanced efficiency.

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