Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing Processes

CNH Industrial adopts a responsible approach to the management of its entire supply chain, from small local companies to large multinational organizations, establishing relationships that go beyond commercial transactions, and fostering long-lasting and mutually satisfying partnerships. For CNH Industrial, supply chain sustainability means looking beyond corporate boundaries, strategically and effectively promoting a sense of shared responsibility. CNH Industrial makes its product manufacturing processes more effective, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly through the application of streamlined systems and technologies, improvements to existing materials and processes, and the development of new materials, systems, processes or techniques. All manufacturing processes, systems, and techniques are required to be technologically suitable, technically feasible, economically viable, and ecofriendly.

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Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

CNH Invests in Ecofriendly Bale Storage Innovator Nature’s Net Wrap
CNH, through their investment arm CNH Ventures, is supporting the scientific development of the first viable compostable net wrap for bales in agriculture.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

New Holland and CNH Industrial REMAN Celebrate REMAN Day
New Holland Agriculture and CNH Industrial REMAN are celebrating REMAN Day. It’s an occasion when remanufacturing industries around the world promote their important contributions to the circular economy.

Innovation & Technology

CNH Industrial's New Electrification Center in Detroit, USA
CNH Industrial announced during its Tech Day in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, that it has opened a new technical center in the Detroit Metro area of Michigan, USA.

Research, Reports & Publications

The Sustainable Tractor: CNH Industrial's Chief Information Officer Featured in Report by MIT Technology Review Insights
Marc Kermisch, CNH Industrial’s Chief Information Officer, has given his insight on AI, open data and the sustainable tractor in a global survey of 600 CIOs and technology leaders conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

CNH Industrial Wins Sustainability Category at 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Awards
CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) received a 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Award for outstanding achievement in the Sustainability Leadership category, which honors manufacturers that are shaping the future of the sector through digital transformation.

Responsible Production & Consumption

A Solid Choice for Customers - and for a Sustainable Future
Remanufactured parts are a great option for owners of CNH Industrial equipment.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

CNH Industrial Receives 2022 Flanders' Lifetime Achievement Trophy for Its Longstanding Operations in the Region
CNH Industrial has been awarded with a ‘Lifetime achievement trophy’ from Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), the government agency for international entrepreneurship in the Flanders region of Belgium.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

CNH Industrial Logistics Center in Sorocaba, Brazil, Awarded Bronze in World Class Logistics Program
CNH Industrial’s Parts Logistics Centre, located in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo State, in the southwest of Brazil, was awarded a Bronze Medal in the World Class Logistics Program (WCL).

Responsible Production & Consumption

IVECO's Ecological Island at Its Plant in Córdoba, Argentina
IVECO, the commercial vehicles brand of CNH Industrial, is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of alternative fuel vehicles, and is further expanding its eco-credentials at its plant in Córdoba, Argentina.

Sustainable Development Goals

Smart Flower System Creates Electricity for Manufacturing Site
CNH Industrial’s brand CASE Construction Equipment is taking a holistic approach to contributing to the Green Deal goals, from developing low emissions technologies for its machinery, to generating clean energy in manufacturing facilities.
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