At your neighborhood Albertsons Companies stores, you’ll find a growing selection of foods and household items under brands we created with your health and the planet in mind. Our brands can help you incorporate healthier options into your daily routine while minimizing your impact on the environment.

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Responsible Production & Consumption

Albertsons Companies Hosts 2nd Annual Competition for Emerging Specialty and Natural Food, Beverage and Pet Products
Albertsons Companies launched its 2nd Annual Albertsons Cos. Innovation Launchpad competition. After a successful event last year, the grocer is once again in search of emerging brands representing food, beverage and pet products.

Health & Healthcare

Albertsons Cos. Wants To Help Treat Opioid Use Disorder
Albertsons Cos. is making it easier for those with opioid use disorder to get treatment through its pharmacies.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Albertsons Companies Awarded EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year for the Fourth Time
Albertsons Companies, Inc. (NYSE: ACI) received the Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the company’s efforts to provide products that use safer chemicals.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Innovation Blooms: Albertsons Companies Adds Wedding Flowers to Its Online Offerings
With wedding season just around the corner, Albertsons Companies (NYSE: ACI) today announced they are offering customers an easy, affordable, and environmentally-friendly online option for purchasing fresh, hand-cut wedding flowers.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Albertsons Companies Introduces Kalyana Sustainable Wines to its Own Brands Offerings
New wines help promote ecological balance and biodiversity; current varietals include cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, chardonnay

Responsible Production & Consumption

Grocery Retailers Helping Customers Protect Tropical Forests
Luckily, many grocery retailers recognize the impact they can have and are doing something to make sure their sourcing and your purchasing decisions make a positive impact.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Fair Trade USA Recognizes Partners' Expanded Commitments to Fair Trade Coffee During Price and Demand Crisis
Fair Trade USA… announces its #JustOneCup campaign to aid coffee farmers amid an unprecedented coffee crisis as the pandemic continues.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Albertsons Companies’ O Organics® Coffee is Now 100% Fair Trade Certified
O Organics® coffee is now 100 percent certified sustainable by Fair Trade USA, meeting our Sustainable Coffee Challenge commitment. Customers can now enjoy their morning coffee knowing that with each cup they’re helping farmers and the environment.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Coffee, Culture, and Connections: An Albertsons Companies Food Technologist Deepens Her Passion for Food During Visit to Colombia
When you stand in Jardín, Colombia, the closest Albertsons Companies store is about 2,000 miles away. But the relationship between this 17,000-person community and Albertsons Cos. is much tighter than that vast distance implies.


Why Seizing Sustainability Makes Sense
Albertsons Cos. released a new line of compostable and Earth-friendly products last April under its Open Nature store brand that are not only sustainable, but they are innovative.
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