Innovation & Sustainable Solutions

Chemours chemistry is essential to our daily lives, global commerce, and the future. Our commitment to product sustainability drives us to innovate offerings and technologies that will change the way people live, help solve some of society’s greatest challenges, such as climate change, and further the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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Innovation & Technology

If You Can’t Handle the Heat, Stay out of the Data Center
In a recent article for Mission Critical magazine, Brandon Marshall, Global Marketing Manager, Immersion Cooling at The Chemours Company, shared the context behind today's need for improved data center cooling solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Chemours Enhances EVOLVE 2030 Portfolio Sustainability Assessment Methodology
This week, Chemours released its EVOLVE 2030 Version 2.0—the Company’s portfolio sustainability assessment methodology.


Solving the Big Data Energy Crisis
To unleash energy efficient innovation for data centers, we encourage you to call on government to pursue smart, science-based regulations that ensure access to the critical technologies of the future.


Chemours Brings a Unique Voice to Global Energy Conference, CERAWeek
Last week Chemours was on the ground in Houston, Texas for CERAWeek.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Chemours and Partners Selected for $60M in U.S. Department of Energy Grants To Support Continued Advancement of Global Hydrogen Economy
Chemours, a global chemistry company, announced that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, selected two of its applications for grants totaling $60 million.

Innovation & Technology

Embracing the Future: Our Path to Sustainable Thermal Management Innovation
The arctic blast that we've seen in the U.S. over the past week is a prime example of the competing challenges we face in addressing climate change.

Innovation & Technology

Why Great Chemistry Is Key to a More Sustainable Future
People often don’t associate chemistry companies with sustainability, clean tech, or decarbonization. However, upon closer examination, the technologies propelling us toward a net-zero economy are fundamentally rooted in chemistry.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Our Planet Can’t Wait. The World Needs F-Gases.
F-gases sit at the intersection of performance and sustainability, which is why the world needs F-gases now more than ever.

Innovation & Technology

Critical Conversations at the European Business Summit: The Commercial Stakes Are Heating Up
Last week, at the European Business Summit, I had the opportunity to speak on a panel addressing “How to create both a competitive and sustainable industrial policy.”


PEM Membrane Technologies and the New Hydrogen Economy
Green hydrogen, flow batteries, and fuel cells are reinventing the energy market, and proton exchange membranes (PEM) are critical for effectively commercializing these technologies.
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  4. Innovation & Sustainable Solutions
    Chemours chemistry is essential to our daily lives, global commerce, and the future. Our commitment to product sustainability drives us to innovate...
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