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Sustainable logistics is a health, safety, environmental and economic issue, particularly in developing countries. That’s why we work closely with the World Resources Institute to help city planners, engineers and others around the world improve mobility within cities. Our aim is to bring residents better access to jobs, schools and the community, while reducing congestion and pollution.

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EIT Climate-KIC Selects Five Cities To Receive Funding in FedEx-Backed Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge
FedEx Express Europe and EIT Climate-KIC have named five cities across Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and the UK as the projects selected to receive funding in the second edition of the ‘Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge.’

Events, Media & Communications

How To Engage Your Customers and Employees in Your Sustainability Efforts
Communicating with your employees and customers about your sustainability efforts is crucial to demonstrating your commitment to doing what is important for the planet.


FedEx Supports New Project Mapping Charging Needs and Grid Readiness in the GTHA
The Pembina Institute has launched the Grid Readiness Project to help accelerate the transition from gas- and diesel-powered fleets to zero-emission road freight. The project is possible through a collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Institute and generous support from FedEx.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

FedEx Invests USD 350 Million in New State-of-the-Art Hub at Dubai World Central Airport in Dubai South
FedEx Express (FedEx) and the world’s largest express transportation company, is expanding its footprint in the Middle East with its new Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa (MEISA) state-of-the-art hub at Dubai World Central (DWC) Airport in Dubai South.


Electrification 101: How RMI’s New Tool Can Help Utilities Proactively Plan for EVs
The Electrification 101 series explores the challenges and opportunities that a rapidly electrifying transportation sector presents for the power grid, offering solutions to support proactive grid planning for oncoming EV charging needs.

Green Infrastructure

Electrification 101: Getting the Grid Ready for an EV Revolution
As more and more electric cars and trucks hit the road, utilities need to prepare the infrastructure to charge them. That’s where planning tools like GridUp come in.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

FedEx and Pyxera Global Test a Circular Logistics Model for Electronic Waste
Residents of the continental U.S. wishing to donate their laptops and tablets may request a free FedEx shipping label with donation instructions by visiting the Done with It (Powered by Evercycle) website. The pilot program will accept items through December 15, 2023.

Green Infrastructure

EIT Climate-KIC and FedEx Team Up To Help Scale Cities’ Mobility Projects
EIT Climate-KIC and FedEx announced the launch of the second edition of the Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge (formerly called the Climate Impact Challenge) for European cities.


Moving Packages and People More Sustainably
Roads are like a circulatory system for cities, moving people and goods, ideally by the most efficient means available. Unfortunately, as cities grow, streets can clog quickly with cars and trucks, impacting lives and pocketbooks.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

FedEx and General Motors Support RMI Research to Accelerate Transportation Electrification
RMI announces FedEx and General Motors (GM) will each provide catalytic grant funding to drive innovative and equitable transportation infrastructure solutions at scale.
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