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Cisco is working not only for a more inclusive future, but a more environmentally sustainable one as well. Environmental issues like climate change, pollution, and waste can disproportionately affect disadvantaged socio-economic groups and future generations.

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Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation: Transforming Communities, One Drop of Water at a Time
As part of Cisco’s Purpose to Power and Inclusive Future for All, we invest in solutions that build resiliency for communities, individuals and natural ecosystems, including equitable access to clean and affordable drinking water.

Sustainable Development Goals

Cisco's Sustainability 101: What Are Ecolabels?
Many companies want to show how they are making their products more sustainable. That’s where ecolabels come in. Ecolabels are marks indicating that the products meet objective environmental and sustainability criteria.

Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating Women’s Inclusion in the Climate Innovation Space
International Women’s Day (IWD) gives us time to reflect on the achievements women have made before us, the unique challenges women may face today as they continue to break barriers, and what the future may look like for women as we move into a digital and low-carbon economy.


Cisco Improves Sustainability of European Operations With New 15-Year Solar Energy Agreement in Spain
Cisco has signed a 15-year agreement to purchase approximately 60,000 MWh per year of solar energy from Spanish renewable energy provider, IGNIS.


Cisco’s Sustainability 101: What Are Smart Grids?
Do you feel a bit lost when people refer to certain environmental sustainability topics and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to learning more?

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

The Cisco Foundation: Investing in Africa’s Clean Energy Transition
Our conviction in Africa’s vast potential is part of what fuels the climate investment strategy of the Cisco Foundation. Among our vision, we see the transition to clean energy not just as a necessity, but as a catalyst for inclusive growth and digital innovation.


Cisco’s Green Team Network: How to Be More Sustainable During the Holidays
‘Tis the season! As we look forward to numerous holidays, special traditions, and spending time with loved ones, I can’t help but think about the impact of my actions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Partnering for Sustainability: Cisco’s Collaborative Approach
Embracing sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint has been a longstanding priority at Cisco. For almost two decades, Cisco has set transparent, publicly declared objectives as benchmarks, diligently tracking our progress and holding ourselves accountable.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Cisco’s Sustainability 101: What Is the Circular Economy?
Products have a lifecycle that starts before they’re made and goes beyond their use – including what they’re made of and how they’re manufactured, shipped and eventually disposed of.


Beyond the Climate Jargon: Reflections From Climate Conference Season 2023
For professionals of many sectors, fall is the season for a marathon of conferences, panels, webinars and events. For the climate sector, this is no exception and Climate Week NYC kicked it off with a bigger-than-ever crowd, next it was VERGE in San Jose, culminating to COP28.
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