Mondelēz 2022 Snacking Made Right Report: Community Impact & Employee Volunteering

Throughout Mondelēz International, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities we live and work in.
Jan 30, 2024 4:15 PM ET

Mondelēz 2022 Snacking Made Right Report

Employee Volunteering and Charitable Giving 

Through our Mondelēz International Changemakers program, our people give their time, talents, and treasure to help make a positive impact on their communities aligned with our Snacking Made Right priorities. The program is designed to enable our colleagues to play a direct and impactful role in supporting our goals and strategies to make snacking right, through individual and personal contributions that make a real difference in the communities where we all live and work. Contributions are organized and focused to align with our strategic Snacking Made Right priorities, including more sustainable sourcing of key ingredients, lowering climate impact, respecting human rights, reducing packaging waste, and advancing colleague and community well-being through a culture of DE&I.

Health in Action Program

The number of children consuming vegetables on a daily basis in 342 schools in at-risk communities in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Western Cape has increased by 494% between 2019 and 2022, thanks to the Health in Action (HIA) program by non-governmental organization, INMED South Africa, and the Mondelēz International Foundation.

While Mondelēz International is a leading producer of snacks, it is committed to inspiring consumers to snack mindfully, with the emphasis on savoring their snacks without overindulging.

“The Health in Action program is close to our hearts, because we understand how important nutrition education is for children. Our seven-year partnership with INMED has been highly rewarding and we salute the 227 Mondelēz volunteers, who put their hands up for the second phase of the project, contributing 669 hours of their time to make the initiative a success.

Celebrating 10 Years of Encouraging Healthy Living Through UK Schools 

For the past 10 years, we have been running the Health for Life® program in 211 schools across the UK, together with our delivery partners Services For Education and The Conservation Volunteers. To mark the 10-year anniversary of our Health for Life program, participating schools were given the opportunity to bid for a cash grant totaling £15,000 to develop the program further in their school. They were asked to base their bid on one of the three key program strands: food growing; healthy eating/ cookery; and physical activity.

The aim was to enable schools to build on what they had already achieved and focus on a specific project which would make a significant and sustainable impact in promoting healthier lifestyles for pupils and the school community. From a range of submissions, three schools were awarded a grant of £5,000 each to implement their individual project. Elms Farm Primary School chose to create a brand-new outdoor fitness area for use by pupils, the wider community and holiday clubs. Highfield Junior and Infants School planned to develop a diverse outdoor classroom for lessons, break-times and for family involvement, enabling children to spend more enrichment time outdoors and learn how to grow their own food. Hillstone Primary School opted to extend their focus on cooking and healthy eating with the creation of a dedicated and fully-equipped cooking classroom for students and family cooking courses. The projects are now underway in all three schools and completion will be celebrated in summer 2023.

“We are very grateful to Health for Life for their continued support and this generous grant. It has provided us an opportunity to make a real difference, improve our outdoor facilities, and enable us to continue to inspire pupils about the importance of living a healthier life.” 

Head Teacher 
Highfield Junior and Infants School

“TRASH RIGHT” Waste & Recycling Education Program in Thailand 

Echoing our mission of 'Snacking Made Right', Mondelēz International (Thailand) joined hands with Trash Lucky and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), to launch the 'Trash Right' program. This program aims to raise awareness about the right approach to managing recyclable waste and motivate our communities to trash it the right way. Schools were selected for the pilot project and students, teachers, parents, and the surrounding communities were encouraged to cultivate waste-sorting habits and play a role in creating more long-term sustainability values. The sorted waste was then collected, recycled, and upcycled in accordance with the circular economy concept.

Investing in the Future of Organic Agriculture 

Moreover, in 2022, Clif Bar announced two $1 million endowments to land grant universities as part of its $10 million commitment to support the advancement of organic agriculture. The final two endowments out of five went to Tuskegee University, the first Historically Black College or University (HBCU) to be awarded as part of the program, and the University of Wisconsin, which received a prior endowment from Clif in 2015. Today, more than 80% of all ingredients in CLIF products are organic or certified sustainable.

Promoting Healthier Lifestyles Among Children in Mexico 

This partnership between Mondelēz International and Save the Children aimed to improve children’s nutrition and physical fitness in Mexico through in-school and community-based programs. The program developed throughout a six-year period and had two phases, reaching nearly than 40,000 children in Mexico City, Puebla, and the State of Mexico.

To achieve our shared goal of improving knowledge, attitudes and practices in nutrition and healthy lifestyles among school-age children, we built on the foundation laid during Phase I where we dramatically increased knowledge and positive attitudes regarding healthy food and lifestyle choices in children through in-school workshops and participatory learning activities. Phase 2 of the project focused on the strengthening of community support and engagement of more teachers and parents.

Helping to Ensure Children Get a Good Start to the Day

In February 2022, Philadelphia partnered up with Save the Children and the campaign "Double the good - for every child's equal right to a good start to the day". As main partner to Save the Children Sweden, Philadelphia supports the Breakfast Club initiative, which aims to give more children in socio-economically vulnerable areas the opportunity to have a good start to the day. The Breakfast Club initiative was launched within Save the Children Sweden's "On Equal Terms" program. The initiative means that children in socio-economically vulnerable areas get breakfast and can participate in leisure activities before school starts. The club represents an important contribution to the children's right to well-being and health, which in turn creates better conditions for a good schooling and in practice it also means a financial relief for parents who have children at the Breakfast Club.

“As a consumer, you support Save the Children and the Breakfast Club by buying Philadelphia, but we also want to encourage our consumers to contribute together with us and make it possible for Save the Children to open even more Breakfast Clubs around Sweden." 

Emmy Sjöstrand 
Senior Brand Manager Meals in the Nordics.

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