From the Ground Up: A Soil Solution

Morgan Stanley's At Scale Podcast Hosted by Audrey Choi
Apr 27, 2022 10:00 AM ET
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Soil plays a critical role when it comes to ecosystem services: storing carbon, growing our food supply, managing the flow of water, and supporting life, but we’ve neglected and degraded it through intensive farming, deforestation, and pollution. In this episode, we meet people in science, agriculture, and finance who believe the solution to so many of our sustainability problems is right under our feet.

In this episode, host Audrey Choi speaks to Korena Mafune, a University of Washington soil ecologist who helps us understand how soil works and why it needs our protection. We also meet Gabe Brown, a farmer and rancher who’s a leading voice in regenerative farming, an approach to agriculture that prioritizes the health of the soil ecosystem. We talk with Robyn O’Brien who, as co-founder and managing director of rePlant Capital, is deploying $2 billion over the next ten years to help more US farmers make the transition to regenerative and organic agriculture. And finally, Kris Covey, who co-founded The Soil Inventory Project to help all farmers understand how carbon plays a role in soil health and healthy crops, talks about how those farmers might tap into a growing soil carbon offset marketplace.

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