Key Takeaways From Stringent Standards Set by EPA's New Emissions Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced the final rule for Phase 3 of its Greenhouse Gas Emissions for heavy-duty vehicles. Since issuing Phase 1 of its GHG regulations in 2011, EPA emissions rules for all vehicle classes have become increasingly rigorous.

Carbon Sequestration: Investments Are Booming

In recognition of Earth Day, Regions is sharing a series of articles that highlight how teams and associates across the bank are contributing to our commitment to operate in environmentally sound ways that make life better for all.

Earth Month at Leidos: Focusing Our Sustainability Lens on the Environment

“The greatest contribution Leidos makes to sustainability is through the work we do for our customers,” Chris Goodman, climate portfolio manager at Leidos, says. “Our teams develop innovative strategies and technologies to help our customers mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

Preservation of Forestland and Natural Resources With U.S. Soy

U.S. Soy farmers are committed not only to producing food, feed and energy to support a healthy society, but also to preserving the planet for future generations. Sustainability is part of the U.S. Soy legacy.

International Paper Partners With the Arbor Day Foundation To Plant Breaths of Fresh Air

Did you know one single large tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, transforming it into a day's worth of oxygen for up to four people?

Pacific Mammal Research Uses Grants To Study Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea

A young girl with a dream to work with dolphins grew up and is now leading research to support conservation efforts of harbor porpoises and harbor seals in the Salish Sea of the Pacific Northwest.

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai Celebrates World Earth Day Through Music, Art, and Community Engagement

As the world celebrates World Earth Day on April 22nd, AEG’s Mercedes-Benz Arena (MBA) in Shanghai has taken the initiative to raise awareness about environmental issues through a series of events under the theme "Planet vs. Plastics."

How Using Alternative Fuels in Data Centers Can Impact Air Permit Compliance

As organizations push for a more sustainable world, more and more data centers are starting to explore alternative, lower carbon emission fuel options for use in their emergency power generators. But its important to understand the implications to your air permitting compliance.

Rayonier in Nassau County, Florida: 87 Years of Stewardship

Rayonier purchased its first forest property in Nassau County, Florida, in the late 1930s. Since then, it has had a strong presence in the county. Company leaders reflect on our past and future in Nassau County.

KFC U.K. & Ireland Team Up for the #GreatBritishSpringClean: Joining Community and Local Leaders in a Nationwide Litter-Picking Effort

Recently, KFC team members, community groups and local government representatives joined forces to tackle the UK’s litter problem, as part of Keep Britain Tidy's annual #GreatBritishSpringClean

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