Booster’s Fleet Data Portal Offers Real-Time, Actionable Insights

Mar 7, 2023 3:15 PM ET
A woman looks at the Booster fleet portal on her computer.

In the age of information, data analysis has become a crucial component of successful fleet management, especially when it comes to reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. But not all fleets can implement telematics, and fewer know how to make use of raw data.

The solution lies in easy interpretation. With Booster’s mobile fueling service, fleet managers can now access deep data insights on metrics including fueling, fleet maintenance, routing, carbon emissions, and more in an intuitive fleet data portal.

Real-Time Fleet Data and Insights

If you’re already a Booster customer, you’re likely familiar with our purple Smart Tankers — they’re hard to miss. But they do much more than just fill your tanks, they also collect detailed data on number of boosts per vehicle, fuel type, gallon and pricing detail, map visualization of where each vehicle was fueled, and reasons a vehicle was not fueled. The tankers send this information directly back to your Fleet Portal in real-time with integrated IoT enablement and a tech-forward system, allowing you to make better, faster decisions.

Data analysis can also give fleet managers the insight they need to increase route capacity, expand fleet utilization, and reduce costs. Booster's Fleet Portal offers a full 360° view of the fleet, including costs savings, labor hours saved, miles reduced, emissions prevented, total gallons fueled, total money spent, and total vehicles serviced by location, so fleet managers can easily optimize fleet performance.

Reporting and Finance Management

For many fleets, especially smaller ones with limited resources, the administrative burden of tracking and reporting fueling, along with the related billing and costs, can be overwhelming. Booster's Fleet Portal makes it easy by allowing fleet managers to schedule customizable data reports that arrive in their inbox weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The filter and sort features allow fleet managers to highlight the data they need most, whether vehicle data, fueling data, or financial data.

Data analysis is also essential when it comes to finance management in fleet management. Booster's Fleet Portal offers industry-leading finance management capabilities that help reduce fuel card misuse and oversight, better control expenses, and reduce administrative time. Fleet managers can access detailed billing history, invoice management, and full billing integration through partners like Comdata, WEX, and Voyager.

Customer Support

Booster's Fleet Portal comes with responsive customer care and support. Fleet managers can submit feedback on their Booster service experience, receive product updates, new feature alerts, and maintenance notifications. With this support, fleet managers can stay informed and quickly address any issues they may face.

With Booster's Fleet Portal, fleet managers can access real-time fleet data insights, customizable reporting, industry-leading finance management, and customer support. By leveraging these benefits, fleet managers can make better decisions and optimize their fleet's performance. For more information on how Booster can help deliver intelligence that can drive efficiencies in your fleet, contact