PotlatchDeltic 2022 ESG Report: Idaho Tree Planting

Tree planting is one of the most important investments a timberland company undertakes, setting the stage for the future and ensuring all the benefits that forests provide are perpetuated.

Green Fuels: A Solution for More Sustainable Air Travel?

SAF is “drop-in" fuel, compatible with current engines (which is not the case with hydrogen, for example) which can be blended with up to 50% conventional jet fuel (for commercial aviation).

Is the Future of Harnessing US Offshore Wind Power Looking Less Turbulent?

The winds of change are expected to blow across the States as plans progress towards rapid renewable energy expansion – with offshore wind being a key player in the US decarbonization strategy.

National Grid Announces the Upstate Upgrade; Multi-Year Initiative Will Improve Grid Resilience, Deliver Significant Benefits for Customers, Local Economies

National Grid plans to invest more than $4 billion to transform its energy delivery system and propel economic growth across Upstate New York.

Breathing Easier Thanks to Biodiesel and U.S. Soy

Most buses use diesel engines for safety, reliability, efficiency, durability and cost efficiency. And though the fuel for those engines can’t prevent buses from getting stuck in traffic, some alternative options can help everyone breathe easier — thanks to U.S. Soy.

Ride-Hailing Sector Can Lead the Decarbonization of Transport in Europe

The electrification of ride-hailing and other point-to-point, on-demand and shared mobility services must be accelerated to maintain Europe’s decarbonization momentum in line with the Paris Agreement, according to BloombergNEF’s (BNEF’s) report.

Asia Pacific Electric Vehicles Public Chargers Will Reach Ten Million by 2030: CBRE

Asia Pacific electric vehicle (EV) sales have seen exponential growth in the past two years, accounting for nearly two-thirds of global auto sales.

Black & Veatch Offering Insights to High-Level Presidential Trade and Investment Mission to the Philippines

Black & Veatch, a global leader in critical infrastructure solutions, was selected to join the United States (US) Presidential Trade and Investment Mission (PTIM) to the Philippines on 11-12 March.

Turner Center for Housing Innovation Launches Housing + Climate Research Initiative

The growing threat of climate change is increasing the urgency for solutions, and specifically, solutions that don’t run counter to the urgency of the housing crisis and the ongoing efforts to expand housing supply.

Direct Relief Announces $10 Million in Grant Funding To Boost Resilient Power for Health Facilities in Tribal Communities

Direct Relief today unveiled an initial $10 million funding commitment that will provide grants to bolster health facilities’ energy resilience and enhance care for patients who rely on them.

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    The World Environment Center oversees a range of capacity building initiatives that advance sustainability, including: improving energy efficiency...
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