The Power Behind Regions

Evergreen is a yearly associate-recognition week. It’s also a time to appreciate the impact Regions has on communities within its footprint.
Oct 5, 2023 10:30 AM ET

By Mel Campbell 

No existential angst here; at Regions, we know who we are.

We know what Regions associates do in the communities we serve.

When Regions associates want to understand the impact that they have, there is almost no shortage of stories, anecdotes and statistics. When you combine the efforts of some 20,000 associates, working daily to meet the needs of customers, serve their colleagues, and help strengthen the communities in which we live and work, only good can come from that.

Want to know exactly what we mean?

That’s just a taste of how Regions associates make a difference. Consider that in 2022:

  • Regions had 20,000 associates.
  • In 2023, 81 amazing associates reached a milestone of 35 or more years of service.
  • Associates volunteered some 74,000 hours in support of their communities.
  • Between Regions associates, the company and the Regions Foundation, $7.2 million in donations were made to United Way in the markets Regions serves.
  • 1 million people received financial education from Regions Bank.
  • 430,000 students increased their academic competency through Regions Bank grants.
  • There was $1.1 billion in small business and farm lending from Regions Bank.
  • There was $1.4 billion in community development lending from Regions Bank.

Visit to learn about what Regions and its associates are doing to make a difference in the lives of people and communities.