The Picture of Health

Meet the leaders bringing the next era of comprehensive healthcare to your community.
Sep 21, 2023 9:10 AM ET

Originally published by Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens believes healthcare costs too much and does too little, making it difficult for people to be, and stay, healthy. In The Picture of Health, the leaders of U.S. Healthcare share their vision to reimagine healthcare by delivering community-based care that’s centered around the patient, so people everywhere can live more joyful lives through better health. In each episode, you'll learn about Walgreens commitment to creating better, more efficient healthcare through improved accessibility, trust and convenience.

Meet John Driscoll

In Episode 1, get to know John Driscoll, Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Healthcare, leading WBA's efforts to expand into the care continuum, including provider enablement and managed service organizations, primary care, population health, home health, post-acute care, specialty pharmacy and retail pharmacy.

Driscoll joined WBA in October 2022, when WBA entered into a definitive agreement to acquire full ownership of CareCentrix, where he served as Chief Executive Officer since 2013.

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Ep. 1, Part 1: Changing the healthcare landscape

Walgreens has set out to change healthcare. But why—and how? John Driscoll, Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Healthcare, speaks on how Walgreens can make healthcare better for patients by connecting our strategic investments and leveraging our footprint in local communities.

Ep. 1, Part 2: Laying out a growth strategy

John Driscoll wants to disrupt healthcare, fast. Learn how he plans to shake up the status quo with his maverick approach to executive leadership.

Ep. 1, Part 3: John Driscoll’s key priorities

The $4 trillion healthcare industry still leaves patients with woefully insufficient care. John Driscoll explains why U.S. Healthcare’s approach to risk management and digitization can help treat all patients more efficiently.

Ep. 1, Part 4: The experiences that shaped him

Hear the lessons John Driscoll learned as a captain in the U.S. Army, how family health conditions shaped his interest in healthcare and why compassion among team members makes Walgreens successful.

Watch Ep. 1, Part 4 here.