Medtronic LABS: SPICE Named Digital Public Good

What This Means For Healthcare Access
Oct 25, 2023 11:50 AM ET
Medtronic LABS

Medtronic LABS is pioneering a bolder, outcomes-focused approach to digital health as we reimagine community and primary care to work for patients, health workers, and Ministries of Health. And now our open-source digital health platform, SPICE, has been named a Digital Public Good (DPG) by the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA).

The DPGA, a multi-stakeholder United Nations-endorsed initiative, promotes better collaboration among development partners and reduce barriers to the digitization of health systems. With this designation, SPICE is one of the first Digital Public Good for precision population health.

At LABS, we know a collaborative approach that integrates digital technology, health systems strengthening, and partnerships will accelerate healthcare access in low-and middle-income communities.

“We made SPICE open source and applied to be a Digital Public Good to enable any health system innovator to use the technology and ultimately improve population health outcomes,” said Chief Strategy and Product Officer Anne Stake.

From the beginning, we designed SPICE to be a fully open-source resource that governments and a robust community of developers can own and adapt with lower-touch support from us at LABS.

SPICE delivers a uniquely comprehensive suite of solutions that address a wide range of challenges currently faced by communities, healthcare providers, and patients. But change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We also forge strong partnerships in the public and private sector, all while connecting patients to care through a network of community health workers.

“We believe that making SPICE a Digital Public Good will have net benefits for our patients and partners,” Stake said. “We offer a fundamentally new take on risk-based, data-driven community health, and we hope that by open sourcing our platform, our approach might be widely adopted.”

To become a digital public good, a technology solution is required to meet the DPG Standard to ensure it truly encapsulates open-source principles. Once a technology is recognized as a Digital Public Good it is discoverable on the DPG Registry.

Learn more about SPICE and click here to find out how you can be a part of global healthcare transformation.