IWBI Announces IWBI Awards, Outstanding Achievements Recognizing Health and Well-Being Champions

Leading entities, WELL APs and WELL Faculty recognized for leading progress advancing people-first places and organizations in 2023
Mar 4, 2024 1:55 PM ET
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NEW YORK, March 4, 2024 /3BL/ - The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the global authority for driving market transformation toward healthy buildings, organizations and communities, has today announced the winners of the IWBI Awards. The program celebrates the positive impact and leadership of organizations and individuals who have leveraged WELL to make extraordinary strides in health, well-being and equity in 2023.

  • The IWBI Organizational Awards are presented to organizations for their commitment to prioritizing health and well-being across their organization or real estate portfolio, often through the WELL at scale program.
  • The IWBI Individual Awards elevate passionate advocates and leaders – WELL Faculty and WELL APs (Accredited Professionals) – within the global WELL community across a wide range of categories.

“The people and organizations who champion WELL are the lifeblood of our movement, driving real, positive change for communities around the world,” said IWBI President and CEO Rachel Hodgdon. “I extend my personal congratulations to all award recipients for their exceptional leadership, passion and commitment that is making people-first places possible everywhere.”

These leaders will also be recognized at the WELL Conference, to be held in Long Beach, Calif. on May 7-9, 2024, and at regional WELL Summits around the world.

WELL at scale enables organizations to measure and improve organizational health performance and its impact across all locations. Many IWBI Organizational Awards are determined using an organization’s WELL Score, a number out of 100 that reflects the WELL strategies earned across all of an enterprise’s locations, weighted by the number of people impacted by those achievements, as well as achievement by WELL concept area. Over time, this score can be contextualized by industry, region, fund and location use-types, and will provide a ranking in one of these areas. With this data, organizations can measure their impact on people, while also comparing their progress internally and against industry peers.

WELL Faculty and WELL APs—a community of more than 25,000 people in 129 countries whose professional credential denotes expertise in WELL—have worked hand-in-hand with organizations pursuing IWBI’s programs including its flagship WELL Standard, the WELL ratings and WELL at scale, now collectively spanning over 5 billion square feet across 131 countries. The 2023 cohort of award winners have influenced WELL’s progress by demonstrating exceptional leadership through action, feedback and proactive support.

The IWBI Organizational Award winners are as follows:

  • Global WELL Leadership Award (up to 100 locations) - Lendlease - LOITS & LITS 
  • Global WELL Leadership Award (over 100 locations) - Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc
  • Regional WELL Leadership Award (Americas) - EY, U.S.
  • Regional WELL Leadership Award (Asia) - Kerry Properties (China) Project Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Branch
  • Regional WELL Leadership Award (Europe) - Landsec - Direct-managed office properties
  • Regional WELL Leadership Award (Oceania) - Lendlease - LOITS & LITS
  • People First Award (Real estate) - Embassy REIT
  • People First Award (Non-real estate) - JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Air) - Edge
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Water) - Landsec - Direct-managed office properties
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Nourishment) - Gmp Property SOCIMI - Office; Lendlease - LOITS & LITS; Lendlease - LOITS; Lendlease - LITS
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Light) - Edge
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Movement) - Embassy REIT
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Thermal Comfort) - Edge
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Sound) - Lendlease - LITS
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Materials) - Lendlease - LOITS
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Mind) - Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Community) - Lendlease - LOITS; Lendlease - LOITS & LITS; Lendlease - LITS; Lendlease - SAS; KMC Solutions; Charter Hall Prime Office Fund - CPOF; Charter Hall - DOF; Charter Hall - Workplaces (CLW); Charter Hall - Office Trust (CHOT); Charter Hall - Workplace; Citi; Landsec - Direct-managed office properties; Deloitte - US Firms; Charter Hall - PFA; Lendlease - APPF
  • WELL Concept Leadership Award (Innovation) - EY, U.S.; Enel - Italia and LATAM Offices; Enel - Italia and LATAM Offices; Lendlease - LOITS; Lendlease - LOITS & LITS; Lendlease - LITS; Lendlease - SAS; Charter Hall - Workplaces (CLW); Gmp Property SOCIMI - Office; Veris Residential; Charter Hall - DOF; Embassy REIT; HongKong Land - Hong Kong; Lendlease
  • Advancing Health in ESG Leadership Award - Citi
  • Health and Safety Leadership Award - Cadillac Fairview; Charter Hall - Workplaces (CLW); Empire State Realty Trust; GSK - APAC Offices; JPMorgan Chase & Co.; KMC Solutions; Lendlease; Lendlease - APPF; Lendlease - LITS; Lendlease - LOITS; Lendlease - LOITS & LITS; Lendlease - SAS; NEO; RXR Realty; T-Mobile - Corporate Owned Locations; Charter Hall - DOF; Charter Hall - PFA; Charter Hall - Workplace; 上海星卓物业管理有限公司Shanghai Starplus Property Management Co., Ltd; Citi; Sunrise Senior Living
  • WELL Certification Leadership Award - Embassy REIT
  • Equity Leadership Award - KMC Solutions; Veris Residential; Landsec - Direct-managed office properties; Investa - IGO, IGO Managed, ICPF, ICPF Managed; Investa - ICPF; Investa - ICPF Managed; Investa - IGO Managed; Investa - IGO
  • Building Performance Leadership Award - Nucleus Office Parks Pvt Ltd 
  • Outstanding Health Progress Award - Barclays
  • WELL AP Impact Award - Gensler
  • WELL Enterprise Provider of the Year Award - CBRE
  • Sustainable Finance Award - Aviva Investors
  • Commitment and Engagement Award - Citi, Uber Technologies Inc., Veris Residential, Standard Chartered Bank, China World Trade Center, GSK - APAC Office

The IWBI Individual Award winners are as follows:

  • WELL AP of the Year - Nobuaki Koyama
  • Regional Leader Award (APAC) - Lisa Hinde
  • Regional Leader Award (China) - Andy Lai
  • Regional Leader Award (Americas) - Carly Bullock-Jones
  • Regional Leader Award (MENA) - Dalia Wagdi
  • Regional Leader Award (Europe) - Daniele Guglielmino
  • Adoption of WELL Award - Andrew Bellamy, Annalise Dum, Gala Fombella, Jaiko Celka, Jordan Hart-White, Lenna Lockwood, Manoranjani Rajendran, Marianna Moores, Masahiro Yamazaki, Pakinam Eid, Tracy Backus
  • Emerging Market Award - Alicia Silva, Hasitha Herath, Heather Bergsland, Honda Lu, Iping Yang, Kristina Martin, Praveenbabu Rajkumar, Wojciech Tworek 
  • Next Frontier of Design Award - Edison Zhang, Komal Kotwal, Lucy Hart, Lukasz Krupinski, Naree Phinyawatana, Shelly Thompson, Susie Frazier
  • Changemaker Award - Ahmad Salmeen, Avneet Gujral, Charlie Chichetti, Christhina Candido, Haytham Abdel Rahman, Jie Wang, Kati Peditto, Linda Jarnhamn, Michael Don Ham, Scott Montemerlo
  • Educator of the Year Award - Tim Beuker
  • Performance Testing Agent of the Year Award - Andy Guo
  • Project Admin of the Year Award - Jay Murray
  • Rising Star Award - Ailish Wade, Lorena Montenegro, Megan Francis, Shalini SivaSubramanian, Giulia Mori, Mitchell Grant, Rachel Vig, Yasushi Kinoshita
  • Trailblazer Award - George-Michael Cotarelo, Lei Liang, Melinda Mandla
  • WELL Forum Influence Award - Shema Kamoun

For more information about WELL, please visit https://www.wellcertified.com/.

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