Hunger Relief: Focusing on a Solution

By Paula Bosler, FedEx Cares Indianapolis Market Coordinator
Sep 15, 2014 11:40 AM ET

Community Involvement

The numbers are staggering. Over one million people in Indiana go hungry every day and go to bed hungry every night. A simple meal, a necessity and indulgence for the rest of us, remains out of reach for many. Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana gives hope and removes the barriers for children, the elderly and their families to access the adequate nutrition they need.

“Hunger is a reality in this country. In Indiana alone, one out of five children live in homes where enough food is not available,” said Sheila Carlson, Gleaners Director of Volunteer Engagement. “Through the help of volunteers and corporate support like our wonderful team from FedEx, Gleaners is able to distribute the equivalent of 25 million meals to over 300,000 people struggling with hunger.”

September is Hunger Action Month. FedEx team members in nearly fifteen cities across North America will also be pitching in at their local food banks as part of the company’s FedEx Cares Week. In Indianapolis, FedEx has been volunteering with Gleaners for over a decade. Many are deeply affected by the organization’s mission and the people it touches.

“I feel we have a responsibility to some degree to ensure that our children, our seniors, our homeless and those who are down on their luck are fed,” said Vicky Haley, Operations Manager at the FedEx Express Indianapolis Hub. “I remember as a single-mother that it often was a struggle to make ends meet. But I made it and now I want to help others who need a hand.”

Haley, along with her team, has organized food drives at their FedEx facility to help replenish Gleaners from the long Indiana winters. This year marks the company’s tenth  “FedEx Cares” Week, and over one hundred FedEx team members will volunteer their time to help stock shelves, fill back-sacks, inspect food items, sort frozen meat and whatever else Gleaners needs them to do.

FedEx Cares Week is a focused celebration of employees’ year-round commitment to giving back to communities through volunteerism, charitable support and collaboration with local organizations and causes. Last year, nearly 50,000 volunteer hours were logged at over 500 non-profit agencies worldwide.

By using our global logistics network, FedEx connects people to the goods, services and opportunities they need to flourish. Addressing hunger is an essential building block for a community’s personal and economic viability.

September is Hunger Action Month

You can help fight hunger in Indiana by visiting or to find an organization working in your community visit