Good With Money: Developing Financial Literacy

By Fatou Sangare, Sophie Camizzi, Saenah Boch, Tom Kuser, Ann Lopez
Jun 1, 2023 8:04 AM ET
A hand putting a coin in a small piggy bank atop stacks of dollar bills.

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Webster Bank recently  talked with WSHU about the Webster Finance Labs program and why financial literacy is so important for young people. Listen to the WSHU podcast.

Managing money well takes training. There are so many financial decisions to make - rent, mortgages, student loans and saving for that rainy day.

There’s a lot to know. But where can people go to develop sound financial skills?

This week on The Full Story we're exploring local programs and online resources that educate people on personal finance and economic systems.


Marissa Weidner, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer of Webster Bank

Michele Conderino, Executive Director at Open Doors

Tony Wagner, Newsletter Editor for Marketplace

Marketplace Crash Course Economics

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