Food delivery to families of the state of Nuevo León, as part of the “Vive Saludable” (Live Healthy) Program

Aug 26, 2011 2:45 PM ET
Campaign: Valor Social
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(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) August 26, 2011 - The associates that were enrolled in the program were committed to lose as a group 380 kilograms, which turned into 380 kg of basic food (oatmeal, rice, beans, etc.) that were donated to the Cerralvo Trust. Nevertheless, those associates have only lost, as a group, 162 kg; but we almost reach a ton in Monterrey’s corporate offices.

The 380 kg of food turned into approximately 60 packages; and, with the support of the Cerralvo Trust, we finally put 124 packages together for distribution. Also, thinking of children, we also donated 200 toys. In this manner, the desire of many associates to improve their health, turned into high spirits and smiles for some families of Nuevo León, who received the packages and the toys.   Sara Fernandez, Banorte’s Public Relations Assistant Manager, and volunteer to hand-in the packages, said: “We had to cross a stone path, I don’t know if it was a dry river, but that is what it seemed; and around us there were only stones… there were no green areas, only little houses, most of them built with wood, tin and cardboard; an average of two or three families lived in each house… What we were carrying, ran out quickly … we would have wanted to bring more.”   The nine volunteers -associates and accompanying parties- who lived through this experience, shared their reflections with us, which were posted on BanorteRS social networks. Our associates realized what the need of our neighbors was; some of them had the seed planted in their minds to continue helping; to do more.   At Banorte, we are thriving to plant the seed of volunteer work; there are many things to do; and together, it’s better!   GFB16397