Flooding in Southern Brazil

Jun 7, 2024 10:30 AM ET
A person driving a Salvation Army FedEx vehicle

As soon as the catastrophic flooding began in southern Brazil, our FedEx Latin America team reached out to the FedEx global citizenship team to see how FedEx could help with relief efforts.

With heartfelt concern for our team members and the communities impacted by the flood, within 24 hours we identified a relief agency at work in the region. We were able to provide them with a grant to provide food and clean water, hygiene kits, cleaning supplies and clothing to families affected by the floods.

FedEx Brazil has been a supporter of The Salvation Army Brazil for many years. Seen in the photo accompanying this update is an emergency response canteen truck they are using to help with relief efforts. FedEx had previously donated the relief vehicle to the organization. It’s been used to respond to all kinds of emergencies from distributing food during the Covid pandemic, to feeding the homeless, and now, it’s being used to support flood survivors.

If you would like to contribute to the relief efforts, you may volunteer or donate cash directly to an organization of your choice. We ask FedEx team members to refrain from collecting donated items, as FedEx does not provide charitable shipping for collection drives and donated items.

Learn more about our support for The Salvation Army Brazil’s flood relief efforts here, and about other FedEx Humanitarian Relief efforts here.