Enhancing Workplace Experience: Covia’s New Intranet Is a Platform for Engagement

Nov 30, 2023 2:55 PM ET
"Digital Workplace Launch"

At Covia, we know that an engaged and collaborative workforce is critical, and we make a concerted effort to connect with and support team members across our footprint. As a result, we are committed to providing an exceptional workplace experience and helping our team members thrive personally and professionally. This means providing tools and development opportunities to help everyone achieve their goals.

One such tool is the redesign of Covia's intranet. The Communications team set out to create a platform for team members to increase communication, collaborate on ideas, share feedback and foster conversation, as well as share knowledge, experience, and expertise with others across departments and locations.

In July 2023, we officially launched our new intranet. Since then, whether at work or at home, Covia employees have been able to access what they need to stay informed and equipped to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. We are proud to have a single destination that is now widely used across all of our domestic and international locations. According to Amanda Meehan, Director of Corporate Communications, " The best intranets are digital spaces where people can engage with each other as well as get access to tools and information. Our goal is to build an indispensable central resource that also serves as a hub for the Covia community, and it’s been wonderful to see how enthusiastically our diverse Covia team has embraced the potential of the new intranet.”

We are thrilled that in recognition of our efforts, Covia has received the 2023 Digital Transformation Award for Best Intranet Launch from Igloo Software, the provider of our intranet platform. According to Igloo, "The annual awards program recognizes Igloo customers who have built sophisticated digital workplaces and those who continue to expand their digital destinations with the depth and support to evolve with their business goals. Igloo is proud to congratulate all of the nominees and winners for their continued efforts to create a more connected, productive and engaged workplace."

Since launch, the focus has been on strengthening the role of the site as a resource and a community. It's through the efforts and support of all Covia team members that the site is thriving and rapidly developing. We are pleased to be recognized for our efforts, but even more pleased that the site is being used and viewed in such a positive light. We believe our intranet can play an important role in supporting employee engagement and helping all our team members feel proud to be part of our company.

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