Embracing the Future of AI – Logitech at the Dublin Tech Summit

Jul 10, 2024 2:05 PM ET

Logitech Blog

Last month, two of Logitech’s female leaders made an impact at the Dublin Tech Summit, a major event in the European tech scene.

Anne Carrigy, Logitech’s CIO, participated in a panel discussion on the collaboration between humans and AI for a smarter future. The topic is open to much debate and will continue to be discussed for a while to come.

During the panel, Carrigy highlighted Logitech’s view of AI as a tool to augment human capability. By embedding AI across its offerings, Logitech empowers its workforce to operate with increased efficiency and productivity. Practical AI applications, such as features Logitech’s RightSight offers during remote meetings, facilitate equitable collaboration, regardless of participants’ locations. She underlined the opportunities AI brings in democratizing digital access whilst keeping the human at the center and how important a combination of critical thinking, digital literacy, and human creativity is in a future where technology continues to amplify our collective abilities. Listen to the full panel discussion here.

Additionally, Emerald de Leeuw, Logitech’s Head of Privacy and AI governance, also took part in an important panel on AI ethics. The discussion tackled critical issues like data protection and the ethical use of AI, emphasizing Logitech’s commitment to ethical standards and privacy in the digital age.

The Dublin Tech Summit provides a uniquely intimate Irish cultural and networking experience, providing a gateway for global tech leaders to connect and debate what is happening next in our fast-paced world. Logitech’s participation at the Dublin Tech Summit serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to human-centric AI and ethical standards in the digital era.