Earth Day 2024: How KFC is Championing Sustainability

Apr 24, 2024 3:30 PM ET


As the proud owners of one of the most iconic pieces of packaging in the world – our bucket – there’s no question on where we stand in Planet vs Plastics. For Earth Day, we’re sharing 4 ways KFC is showing up for Team Planet.

Recovering and reducing plastic – From exploring plant-based plastics with KFC India and reducing single-use plastic with KFC South Africa, we’re well on our way to reaching our goal for all plastic-based, consumer-facing packaging to be made from recoverable or reusable materials by 2025.

Reducing waste – KFC UK & Ireland are piloting a new front-of-house bin that educates consumers on sorting waste vs. recoverable materials and has increased the average recycling rate from 17% to 30%. We also know we can’t do this work alone, which is why Yum! Brands is a supporting partner of the NextGen Consortium which aims to address single-use foodservice packaging waste by advancing design, commercialization and recovery of packaging alternatives.

Investing in circularity – We’re globally rolling out Green Line Furniture, a new collection of sustainable, highly durable furnishings made from recycled materials that is also modular, which means only the parts that are worn down need to be replaced during renovations vs. discarding the whole thing.

Collaborating to build trust and impact – Throughout the year, KFC leaders, franchisees and suppliers gather to share best practices and break through barriers. We know this type of collaboration helps us turn local solutions into global ones and identify opportunities to drive both efficiency and scale of our packaging portfolio.