Converting Landfill Gas Into Renewable Energy Sources

Dec 6, 2023 11:00 AM ET
biogas plants

Pennsylvania-based Kupper Engineering is helping companies convert waste and related byproducts into renewable natural gas (RNG.) Made from biogas emitted from organic waste, RNG is processed to pipe-line quality standards and used as a substitute for fossil fuels.

As part of its solutions portfolio, Kupper, a provider of engineering, controls, and procurement services, has relied on Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK) for more than a decade.

Kupper, one of the first firms to provide electrical engineering services for RNG production facilities, is helping one of North America’s largest landfill operators aggressively expand its RNG infrastructure as part of its growth and sustainability strategies.

Through a series of processes, operators can take landfill gas (LFG), clean it, and turn it into what is essentially natural gas. In addition to offering products to control these processes, Rockwell technologies are key to employee and system safety, as they help facilities monitor and detect gas leaks, control ventilation, adjust fans, and shut systems down if needed.

Kupper Engineering’s first standardized LFG to RNG site for a client’s current portfolio went online in spring 2023. Between now and 2026, this client plans to build 20 RNG plants capable of handling 3,000-8,000 standard cubic feet per minute of LFG.

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