CNH Brand Fuels Off-Road Dreams of Young South African Motorcyclists

May 7, 2024 4:00 PM ET

Young motorcycle enthusiasts fourteen-year-old Deruk van Aswegen and his brother Ulrich, eleven, have built an impressive track record, competing in prestigious races. Last year, their passion and determination caught the eye of CASE Construction Equipment, a brand of CNH, offering them sponsorship. Following a year of remarkable achievements, the talented young athletes are back for a second exhilarating season, sponsored once again by CASE.

This year they are branching out and competing in the National Cross Country races in South Africa. “We have a lot to learn with Cross Country," says Ulrich. "The races are two hours long, and we have to do laps for the whole duration. It is totally different from motocross, and we are still adapting."

One of the highlights for the boys this year has been wearing the new CASE branded kit. "We helped with the design, the camo was our idea," says Ulrich. "We are proud to represent CASE," adds Deruk, expressing the sense of pride and ownership they feel as ambassadors for the brand.

Looking ahead, the boys remain focused on their goals and aspirations. "We both want to get podium finishes in at least one of the championships that we are competing in," says Deruk. With their sights set on success, Deruk and Ulrich are poised to continue their journey.

Supporting Deruk and Ulrich’s journey is a demonstration of CNH’s commitment to helping young people achieve their dreams, whether that be in farming, construction, or on the bike!