Cintas Employee-Partner Spotlight: Julian E.

A captain of versatility, this employee-partner is always ready to assist
Oct 10, 2023 8:15 AM ET
Julian E. National disability awareness month

Julian E. has never squandered an opportunity to help out his fellow Cintas employee-partners at the Rental Location in Union, N.J.

“He’s always the first to volunteer,” said his General Manager, Doug Rader. Julian is also the first to take on additional responsibility beyond his role as a utility worker, truck loader and Stretch & Flex captain.

“He’s the captain of wherever he works,” Rader said. “Everybody gravitates to him. He’s got a great personality, and (employee-)partners love to talk to him.” 

Julian has neural developmental delays with autistic tendencies and is among the employee-partners Cintas salutes year-round, including during National Disability Employment Awareness Month. His contributions are especially important at his location where he’s worked for four years.

“I enjoy working with everybody who needs a helping hand,” Julian said.

There was a time when he needed a helping hand – after Hurricane Ida hit the northeast part of the country in 2021. Julian was at work, and his mom was at home when the storm hit. Afterward, they tried to salvage their personal belongings and seek shelter. 

Julian said he and his mother “bounced around from a hotel to another hotel” after being displaced by the storm. The Cintas Partner Assistance Fund provided aid to the duo as they regained their bearings and searched for more permanent shelter. 

“I was like, ‘Let me live in a safer environment than it was before.’ And my mom was hoping that for me, too,” Julian said.

Just last year, Julian moved into his own apartment. It was close enough to work that he could ride his mountain bike to and from work. Julian upgraded his mode of transportation to an electric motorbike just a couple of months ago and has relished his independence and new ride. 

He appreciates the safe, supportive environment he has experienced at Cintas, especially after the chaos of Hurricane Ida. The family-like employee-partners at Cintas have helped foster his confidence, and he believes sharing his story will inspire other employee-partners with disabilities to find similar support.

Speaking of support, he’s a huge fan of Cintas holiday parties. They are among his favorite reasons for working at the Rental location in Union, N.J. “You cannot miss” the holiday party, Julian said, although he admitted Halloween is pretty great, too.

Julian’s can-do attitude and elite work ethic keep him busy during the workweek, whether he’s processing mats, unloading trucks, loading trucks, or working hand-in-hand with Service Sales Representatives. 

His contributions are greatly valued at Cintas.

“I love working with Julian,” Rader said. “He's always got a smile on his face, and he's always trying to do the best that he can for all the other (employee-)partners.”

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