Cintas Celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October observation dedicated to inclusion for all
Oct 5, 2023 2:45 PM ET
National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Making partners feel included and a part of our success has been embedded in Cintas' company culture from the beginning. 

Although Cintas proudly recognizes the contributions of its partners with disabilities every day, October has a special designation as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The annual observance honors workers with disabilities past and present, and increases awareness of inclusion opportunities.

Cintas is committed to ensuring disability inclusion. It was recognized among the “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” after receiving a qualifying score of 90 on the 2023 Disability Equality Index® (DEI), the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. 

“This year’s score marks a 10% improvement over 2022,” said Toby Atkinson, Cintas Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Management Programs.

“We’re trending in the right direction in addressing disability equality,” Atkinson said. 

Cintas has earned a “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” designation in each of the four years it has participated in DEI’s evaluation process. The honor demonstrates its ongoing commitment to building and developing a widely diverse workforce that represents North American communities. 

By replicating the diverse communities in which employee-partners live and serve, Cintas fosters innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving. 

“There is definitely a need to mirror our communities with who we have at Cintas,” said Jackie Joaquin, HR Director of the Northeast Region. “I think there is a heightened awareness to look out for not just people with disabilities, but for people of different cultures and different backgrounds as well. In the HR department, we make sure we're getting the best candidates in the door and also making sure that we have a diverse population at Cintas.” 

While the hiring process is the same for all candidates, Cintas works with potential partners with disabilities to meet reasonable accommodations. That includes working with a candidate’s job coach, ensuring the interview process is consistent, and issuing timely communication that suits a disabled person’s needs. 

“No matter who you are and where you came from, what background you have, I think we do a good job pulling everyone together to meet the needs and goals that we have at Cintas,” Joaquin said.

She has seen many success stories of partners with disabilities during her Cintas tenure. A blind partner was so gifted that he won a Partner of the Quarter award. Multiple deaf partners have retired from Cintas after double-digit years of service, Joaquin shared.

By embracing the talents of all employee-partners, Cintas continues to diversify its perspectives and create an inclusive culture in which every person is appreciated.

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