Celebrating Black History Month at FedEx

Feb 15, 2023 10:30 AM ET
An adult pointing at a display in a museum setting. A child in front of them.

From our founding in 1973, our Founder and Executive Chairman, Fred Smith, knew the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion. In fact, during his acceptance of the National Civil Rights Museum 2022 Freedom Award, Mr. Smith acknowledged that to serve a diverse world, the company needed a diverse team with insight into cultures and communities.

It is in the spirt of this legacy we celebrate Black History Month at FedEx. FedEx has long invested in community organizations, such as those honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the many heroes of the Civil Rights Movement; advocacy organizations like the National Urban League and NAACP who work to empower African Americans, celebrate their culture and history, and promote economic empowerment through education, job training programs, and entrepreneurship; and provided support to HBCU institutions and students most recently through our $5M pledge.

At FedEx, we drive change by investing in organizations seeking long-term, systemic solutions to the challenge of creating a just society and economy that works better for everyone. By collaborating with nonprofits, we support learning, mentoring, professional development, and access to resources that help build strong connections.

We believe every individual should have the opportunity to dream big and realize what's possible. Our goal is to give individuals the best chance at success with access to education, pathways to quality jobs, and a voice in their community’s future.

We are honored to join our team members as we celebrate and honor Black History Month. We invite you to learn more about our community support at FedExCares.com and the new Fact Sheet detailing our work within the African American community.