2017 Strategic Directions: Natural Gas Industry Report

Sustained low natural gas prices and evolving global supply dynamics are pushing natural gas industry players to innovate and find flexible solutions to meet market needs. The 2017 Strategic Directions: Natural Gas Industry Report by Black & Veatch examines how organizations are planning for long-term, sustainable operations that can accommodate rising supplies and deliver them to markets eager to use natural gas as a cheaper and cleaner power generation source.

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UK Energy Sector Transformation Marks Historic Milestones
In the chronicles of Great Britain’s energy industry, 2017 will go down as a significant year. At a time already characterized by change and uncertainty, two events stand out. One signals a break with the past; the other suggests the shape of things to come.


Natural Gas Storage Operators Bracing for Regulatory Impact
Results from the 2017 Strategic Directions: Natural Gas Industry Report survey signal that in order to realize natural gas storage potential, industry organizations will first need to manage the array of associated federal and state regulations.


Amid Changes in the Federal Regulatory Landscape, States Take the Lead
Capitalizing on sustained low natural gas prices, the United States has seen a fair amount of build-out of new pipeline infrastructure to reach new markets since last year’s Strategic Directions: Natural Gas Industry Report. Additionally, the changeover in administrations at the federal level is widely seen as favorable for continued industry growth. However, despite announced intentions to immediately accelerate energy infrastructure development, several bumps have been encountered right out of the gate.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Funding, Preparation and Culture Keys to Securing Critical Infrastructure and Systems
Survey responses from the 2017 Strategic Directions: Natural Gas Industry Report suggest that a root cause of inadequate preparedness for risks may be insufficient funding for physical and cybersecurity initiatives. In fact, results reveal that approximately 65 percent of respondents either don’t know how much money is being earmarked or are allocating less than $1 million annually to fund security programs.

Innovation & Technology

Oil and Gas Asset Data Quality and Asset Integrity
Today’s approaches to managing oil & gas utility asset application data do not provide the high-quality foundation necessary to drive new insights into improving operations, regardless of how much we may wish for it.


Balancing Modern Power: The Convergence of Natural Gas and the Electric Market
One might think the proliferation of renewables would spell the demise of natural gas, but market leaders know that gas-fired generation will continue to play an important role even as an influx of renewable energy reshapes the American power landscape.


Critical Considerations for Global Gas-To-Power Deployment Success
Looking to take advantage of the LNG oversupply and low pricing, many developing regions are now establishing gas-to-power markets that can accommodate imported supply. Converting to gas power, particularly in regions that have historically run on diesel fuel oil, can carry additional economic benefits. In some areas, conversions can cut electric costs in half.


Natural Gas Poised to Unlock Latin America Power Prospects
Latin America’s rising demand for natural gas presents broad opportunities across the industry. While these opportunities may be most acutely present in Mexico — where a steadily growing economy is catalyzing soaring natural gas imports from the United States — conditions across the region reflect positive trends for U.S. producers and midstream players. Emerging markets are eager to tap U.S. supplies and seize on natural gas’s potential as a low cost, reliable and cleaner power generation source.

Research, Reports & Publications

Economics Remain Driving Force for Downstream Sector Trends
Lower gas prices are driving investment across the sector as the industry hedges its bets on market recovery. Continuing flat demand has caused a stalemate across the industry, and most natural gas utilities remain in waiting mode. Nevertheless, the industry is looking ahead. It is expecting demand to shift and prices to eventually rise, and utilities are working to keep their assets running and maintain the systems currently in place.


Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: Impacts to U.S. Oil and Gas Sector
On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey (a Category 4 storm) made landfall on the southern Texas coast as one of the most damaging storms to hit one of the United States’ largest cities. What followed was catastrophic flooding that affected millions of Gulf Coast residents, businesses and the overall energy market.
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