From Brazil to the World: Case IH’s New Line of Harvesters

May 23, 2024 4:00 PM ET

Recognized for introducing the Axial-Flow system in Brazil, Case IH, a brand of CNH, launches the new Axial-Flow Series 160 Automation, with 100% Brazilian production.

With an investment of R$ 100 million, the Sorocaba plant, in the interior of São Paulo, received improvements to become the World Production Pole for the smaller line of harvesters, which make up classes 5 to 7.

"The investment made was both in infrastructure, with a large number of technological applications using artificial intelligence, as well as for workforce training. There are more than 1,300 people involved in the project in manufacturing alone and all of them have undergone training," says Eduardo Domingues, vice president of Manufacturing at CNH for Latin America.

And the technology is not limited to the machine production line. The 160 Series has 60% of its machinery renewed, with emphasis on the Automation System and factory connectivity. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence resources, the entire operation has been reduced to four harvesting modes that provide simplicity and productivity in the operation. This is possible through 12 sensors that collect data from the industrial system and then self-regulate, finding the exact working point for each situation and automatically controlling 90% of the operations. This represents up to 1,800 daily interventions on the machine during the harvesting operation, a number that the operator would not be able to perform alone.

The Automation system was already present in Case IH's largest line of harvesters, the 250 Series. "Bringing Automation to the 160 Series is essential for our purpose of providing state-of-the-art technology and, consequently, high productivity, for all producers who want to become more professional every day. It is the only one in its category with real automation," emphasizes Christian Gonzalez, vice president of Case IH for Latin America.

To be available to farmers from all over the world, the project had more than 90 dedicated professionals, mostly Brazilian engineers, but also American and European engineers. In addition to internal tests, the machine was tested by farmers in the United States, some European countries, as well as Brazilian producers in the states of Goiás, Paraná and São Paulo.

With the launch of the new line, Case IH expects to double the current production volume of the Sorocaba plant. "Our expectation is that 50% will be allocated to the United States, as well as countries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific. More than exporting commodities, Brazil will be exporting technology developed here to the whole world," concludes Gonzalez.

The Axial-Flow 160 Automation Series will be one of the highlights of Case IH at Agrishow, the main agricultural technology fair in Latin America, which will take place from April 29 to May 3, in Ribeirão Preto (SP).