Black & Veatch Addresses Mine Water Management

May 13, 2020 2:00 PM ET
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Water is a critical element within the mining industry; in fact, mine water management is one of the largest challenges facing miners today. But with climate change altering the rules of the game, miners are encountering new challenges as they strive to use water resources to the highest efficiency – the World Economic Forum named climate change and weather-related risks as the top five biggest threats in its 2020 Global Risks Report.

Jim Spenceley, senior vice president of Black & Veatch’s mining business, was recently featured in The Intelligent Miner, when he sat down to discuss the broad topic of sustainable water use in mining alongside Black & Veatch's Corné Pretorius, director of mine water management and Victoria Gosteva, senior marketing manager.

Effective water management and use of that resource is critical, because often a mine’s impact on communities is directly related to how it manages water,” Spenceley told the publication. “It does vary geographically, depending on whether it’s a water surplus or water negative area … There are a lot of variables, but water is always a top priority issue for miners at any site.”

The mining industry will continue to work to adapt its processes and operations, as well as its business models and practices, to cope with these new and increasingly complex challenges. New technologies and advancements in treatment methods like seawater desalination will offer new opportunity, and increased collaboration with communities, regulators, miners and service providers will be key as the industry works to develop viable, long lasting, sustainable solutions.


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