Be Fearless: Cassandra’s Path to Empowerment at Taco Bell

Cassandra C. (she/her). - Restaurant General Manager, Taco Bell Corp.
Apr 17, 2024 10:00 AM ET
"Be Fearless. Cassandra C. Restaurant General Manager"

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At Taco Bell, our Brand Values (Be Fan-Led, Be People-First, Be Fearless, Be Different) are found and reflected in everything we do. This season, we’re highlighting core value #2, Be Fearless. Being fearless means that we champion self-creative expression, which inspires and enables the world to Live Más. Take a look below to see how our Taco Bell Community embodies the Be Fearless core value!

Taco Bell Corp.’s Restaurant General Manager (#031634) Cassandra learned to be fearless at a very young age.

“I was born and raised in Los Angeles to a family of seven. I had a tough upbringing because I came from a place of financial hardships and substance abuse. Over the years, we faced a lot of tough situations, with my youngest sister passing away at 13 due to an illness she was born with, and myself getting pregnant at 16 with my first daughter while homeless living in my husband’s truck.”

Cassandra had to adapt to many scary situations, which taught her to be resilient and embody a growth mindset. In search of a better life and opportunity for her and her daughter, she found herself moving to Bakersfield and finding Taco Bell!

“From the interview process to orientation and training, it was all very welcoming. I immediately fell in love with the culture because it just gave me the warm family feeling right away.”

Currently, as a mother of five, Cassandra works hard to put her best foot forward. Her creative self-expression is taking what she’s dealt with in her personal life and sharing it with those around her through motivational content that she finds.

”I always try and hear my team members out, whether it’s by offering advice to those who might need it, or just simply boosting someone’s morale because everyone goes through different things. Not only does this help me grow as a person, but also create a connection with others by understanding them. On the daily, I try and bring some form of positivity to the group, hoping it brings a smile on everyone’s face or opens a door for conversation.”

When it comes to championing self-expression, Cassandra believes that everyone has the FIRE! in them to do so, it’s just about finding and using it.

“I try to share that approaching any tough situations with determination will enable you to be even stronger for future challenges. At the same time, finding an outlet to share that same determination and letting your guard down will help you showcase what you believe in.”