Albertsons Reduces Food Waste by Thinking About What Happens at Home: 'That’s Where the Power of the Opportunity Is'

By Charlotte Salley
Apr 25, 2024 10:00 AM ET
Campaign: Recipe for Change

Originally published by The Cool Down.

"Everybody has to eat. … Food's sort of the great equalizer."

Suzanne Long, Chief Sustainability and Transformation Officer at Albertsons, is taking that idea and running with it: Her goal is to bring sustainability to life by making it visible and tangible. And what better place to do that than from the grocery store? "Everybody has to eat," she noted. "Food's sort of the great equalizer."

In an exclusive interview with The Cool Down, Long takes us behind the scenes at the nation's second-largest supermarket chain — from what might surprise you about food waste to the company's unconventional partnership with Uber.

When Albertsons stores do have surplus food, the first priority is getting it "into the mouth of someone who needs it," Long told us. If that isn't possible, "then let's turn it into compost. Let's turn it into animal feed. Keeping as much of it out of [the] landfill as possible is really the ultimate goal."

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