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Mar 25, 2024 10:30 AM ET
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Originally published on Aflac’s Newsroom

If you were to ask an Aflac employee their job title, you’d get a variety of answers. But if you ask an Aflac employee what they do for a living, there is one answer we all share: Together, we help create a world where people are better prepared for the unexpected and expected to help with expenses health insurance doesn’t cover.

It’s the word “together” that provides the most opportunity for us to achieve that vision. And like every company, a vision comes with goals. I don’t know a leader at a company who doesn’t list “growth” as a goal. But in our industry, growth comes with the opportunity to help people lead a more financially secure and healthier life. Earning the trust of new and keeping the trust of existing policyholders allows us to help more people. And that is what makes Aflac truly special.

Aflac was created based on our founders’ firsthand experience of seeing what a cancer diagnosis can do to a family. In an effort to show care to others who may be experiencing this difficult journey, we became pioneers in this space; our cancer plan was introduced in 1957 and was among the first plans we offered. Now, almost 70 years later, we continue to make a difference in the lives of families going through a cancer.

From the first moment a cancer policy is obtained, throughout the treatment journey and into survivorship, we aim to help provide a caring and supportive customer experience in addition to added financial support. For instance, when someone receives an initial cancer diagnosis and calls to file a claim, they are serviced by a team of experts who are trained in this delicate and important area.

Together, we follow through on the promise we made when a customer applies for a policy. And we continue to look for ways to innovate and evolve our insurance policies to provide the most valuable benefits to our insureds.

Of course, we provide that same level of care across all of our product offerings — including accident, cancer, critical illness, dental, vision, life and absence disability solutions and more — and we bring it to our employees and to the communities where we live and work. Our philosophy, Care on Purpose, is reflected in everything we do.

Here is something that is very important to understand: We want to pay claims. We often remind ourselves that we don’t sell a tangible product; we sell a promise, and fulfilling that promise is very important to us.

Whether it’s through our people, our products or a process, our commitment to helping people drives everything we do. We’re not just one of the largest supplemental insurance provider in the U.S. — we are a company that cares.


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In Delaware, Policies A36100DE—A36400DE, & A363OFDE. In Idaho, Policies A36100ID–A36400ID, & A363OFID.In Virginia, Policies A36100VA – A36400VA, & A363OFVA. Cancer/Specified-Disease: In Delaware, Policies B70100DE, B70200DE & B70300DE. In Idaho, Policies B70100ID, B70200ID, B70300ID, B7010EPID, B7020EPID. In Oklahoma, Policies B70100OK, B70200OK, B70300OK, B7010EPOK, B7020EPOK. In Virginia, policies A75100VA–A75300VA.Critical Illness: In Idaho, Policies A73100ID & A7310HID. In Oklahoma, Policies A73100OK & A7310HOK. In Virginia, Policy A73100VA. Dental: In Idaho, Policies A82100RID – A82400RID. In Oklahoma, Policies A82100ROK – A82400ROK. In Virginia, Policies A82100RVA – A82400RVA. Vision: In Delaware, Policy VSN100. In Idaho, Policy VSN100ID. In Oklahoma, Policy VSN100OKR. In Virginia, Policy VSN100VA. Life: In Arkansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, & Virginia, Policies: ICC1368100, ICC1368200, ICC1368300, ICC1368400.STD: In Delaware, Policies A57600DE & A57600LB. In Idaho, Policy A57600IDR. In Oklahoma, Policies A57600OK & A57600LBOK. In Virginia, Policies A57600VA & A57600LBVA.


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