Shared Value is the Walmart Approach to Global Responsibility

Jun 14, 2017 9:15 AM ET

As featured in the Walmart Global Responsibility Report 2017

Whole-system change.
Working with others, we aspire to reshape whole systems to achieve significant and lasting improvement in social, environmental and economic outcomes. For example, enhancing environmental sustainability in retail supply chains means addressing their social and economic dimensions, too. We have placed, and will continue to place, increasing emphasis on social issues such as empowering women and promoting worker safety and dignity.

Create shared value for business and society. 
We seek to create value for stakeholders across business and society, because shared value enhances the quality and viability of solutions. We believe that our social and environmental programs are of interest to long-term stakeholders because they strengthen the systems we rely on as a retailer.

Lead through the business.
We work to integrate our social and environmental priorities into our routine business activities (such as merchandising, sourcing, store operations, logistics, human resources and technology), through leadership practices, organizational roles, operational processes and tools.

Focus on actions that draw on Walmart’s particular strengths.
We can make the most significant difference when we draw on our particular strengths as a retailer. These strengths include our 2.3 million associates globally, supplier relationships, purchasing in categories like food and apparel, physical assets and capabilities in logistics, marketing, operations and merchandising.

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