Paramount Renews Commitment To Celebrate Vote Early Day To Empower Voters To Share Their Voices This Fall – Join Us!

By Adam Robinson, Vice President for Social Impact, Paramount and Bryce Bennett, Executive Director, Vote Early Day
Mar 27, 2024 3:20 PM ET
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Ahead of one of the most consequential elections of our lifetimes, Paramount is renewing its commitment to Vote Early Day and calling on corporate & community partners to empower voters to share their voices by signing up to celebrate Vote Early Day on October 29th, 2024!

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Vote Early Day is a national day of action and celebration for our democracy. Thousands of businesses, nonprofits, election administrators, campus groups, and creatives unite each year to build activations that provide Americans with the tools and knowledge to overcome Election Day hurdles by voting early. When we vote early, voters ensure last-minute problems, long lines at the polls, confusing election laws, or voter disinformation cannot prevent us from casting our ballots.

Since the launch of Vote Early Day in 2020, Paramount has joined 4,853 organizations to encourage millions of Americans to cast their ballots. As we enter an election year with incredible opportunities and challenges ahead, we are calling on you to join this movement.

The power behind Vote Early Day is the partners who celebrate. We are proud to join national partners like Patagonia, Lyft, The League of Women Voters, MTV, Snapchat, YMCA, NAACP, and thousands of others on the ground in all 50 states. Through this diverse collaboration, Vote Early Day partners help ensure all voters, especially those representing historically marginalized communities, can cast their ballot.

During the last presidential election, defined by a global pandemic, Americans voted early in record-breaking numbers. Over 100 million people cast their ballot ahead of Election Day, more than the total early vote in the 2016 and 2018 elections combined. We have seen early voting increase year after year, and 2024 will provide a critical opportunity to prove we can change the culture of voting by making Election Day the last day to vote.

In 2024, we must maintain momentum to ensure that the voices of every American voter are heard. That’s why we are calling on every organization invested in our democracy to join us as Vote Early Day partners this fall. 

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Paramount celebrates Vote Early Day each year because it speaks to our values of participation and inclusion. Through content shared to millions across linear and digital platforms, to the outreach we provide to our employees internally, Paramount is proud to support the participation of our audiences, employees and communities in the democratic process.

The question for you is: what platform, community, or voice does your organization have that could mean the difference between someone knowing how to cast a ballot early or getting left behind?

The work we do together this fall will ensure we can rise to the challenge of uplifting voters as they decide who will lead our country as President, who will represent them in Congress, and the fate of many state elections and ballot referenda. Every event, post, forum, and conversation that takes place on Vote Early Day will help play a vital role in ensuring voters have their say.

Join us in helping Americans vote early and growing this civic holiday at