New Holland Construction Presents Products at M&T Expo

Jun 6, 2024 4:00 PM ET

Committed to offering solutions that enhance the customer experience, New Holland Construction, a brand of CNH, presented a series of products at M&T Expo 2024.

Held in São Paulo, the brand launched products and services developed with the needs of customers in mind.

"Our values are proximity, transparency, innovation and efficiency and our booth made all of this tangible, bringing new models and experiences to visitors," said Paula Araújo, brand leader for Latin America.

One of the attractions is the new line of backhoe loaders, with the B110C and B95C models. The new products come with improvements and benefits, bringing even more operational comfort, savings to the customer and increased productivity.

New Holland Construction also introduced the W12D, an upgrade of the renowned 10-tonne 12D Evo wheel loader.

As with the new range of backhoe loaders, in the W12D, operator comfort and safety are also a priority. The machine stands out for its joystick controls, which provide more intuitive operation, more efficient manoeuvrability, and reduced operator fatigue.

The brand also presented the W12D Fertilizer version equipped with an armored alternator, engine with special varnish protection, structures and chassis without sharp corners, sensors, wiring harnesses protected with special silicone, as well as a 2.3m³ bucket.

The brand also brought a new product to its portfolio: the E35D mini excavator. This is the first mini-excavator model with its own technology and with all the expertise of Sampierana, acquired by CNH in 2021.

Suitable to meet varied needs, the machine is ideal for light demolition work, work in urban areas, road and sidewalk maintenance, sanitation, landscaping and residential projects.

The brand expanded its product portfolio bringing another equipment option: the W80C compact loader, pre-launched for Brazil and Latin America.

A world leader in clean energy, the brand showcased the T6.180 Methane Power tractor, which uses the gas generated from the decomposition of organic waste as fuel. Produced in England, the biomethane tractor is available for sale throughout Brazil.

"This new technology reinforces our leadership in the development of alternative, more sustainable fuels that deliver the same energy and operational efficiency as a conventional tractor, in addition to having a better cost-benefit ratio for the farmer," said Eduardo Kerbauy, New Holland's vice president for Latin America.

Biomethane propulsion technology offers numerous environmental advantages, including up to 80% reduction in emissions compared to a standard diesel engine. By using biomethane, the carbon impact of the machine is virtually zero, and a cost reduction of between 25% and 40% can be achieved when compared to conventional fuels.