Made Better, Made to Save

Apr 26, 2024 9:30 AM ET

70% of people in the U.S. find saving resources, such as energy and water, hard. Why? Life gets busy1! Everyday tasks add a physical and mental load to people’s already hectic days.

P&G conducted research over the last few months that taught us just how much life gets in the way of resource-saving intentions. In fact, most people agree that consistently saving resources is time consuming (61%), difficult (60%) and not convenient (57%).1 Between planning for the laundry, the dishes, finding a good moment to wash the kids’ hair and getting it all done, hours of the day are just gone! And to think about doing all of this in a more sustainable way can all add to the mental load.

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What if getting exceptional results and saving resources could be easy?

We have been working hard to figure out how our products can do a better job while saving resources. Our “Connected Homes” capability makes this possible by enabling us to better understand how much time and resources it takes to get these different tasks done at home. It uses sensor technology, which we installed in the homes of consumers who opted into the study, to measure the energy, water and even time needed for everyday tasks like doing the laundry, showering or washing dishes. These insights then empower our brands to innovate for better products that take the hard work out of everyday tasks and help people save resources.

The third and latest chapter of the #ItsOurHome campaign — “Made Better, Made to Save” — brings together P&G brands like Dawn, Tide, Gillette and Head & Shoulders, showcasing their superior performance while saving energy, waste and water. Real families in the U.S. share their authentic feedback and experiences, highlighting how using these brands delivered excellent results, saved resources and made their lives a little easier:

  • A dad of five kids uses Tide, which cleans with cold water and enables him to save up to 90% of energy (valued at up to $150 annually), compared to hot water.2 He also uses Gillette Labs Razors, which provide an effortless shave in one stroke and boast a handle that saves 80% of waste since it can be reused over 5 years and is covered by lifetime warranty3.
  • A couple does handwashes dishes after dinner using Dawn Powerwash. The spray-activated suds get dishes done 5 times faster and save 50% of water, compared to the water used when the tap is kept running to hand-wash dishes4.
  • A busy mom gets herself ready in the morning using Head & Shoulders — the product ensures she has no visible flakes with regular use, while the packaging uses 45% less plastic5.

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We’ve proven this in our labs, and people who use our products are proving it out in their homes. The products you love are made better, made to save. They help you save energy, water and waste so you can spend more time doing more of what you love!

Find out more at P&G Good Everyday to learn hacks at home that can help our planet, our shared home.

1 People who always, often or sometimes struggle saving resources. US Research, 2024.
2 When using a non-HE machine and switching all loads from hot to cold water, based on average electricity rate of (US, 13.3c/kWh) and 8 loads per week.
3 80% of waste saved by using the handle for 5 years instead of 1 year; lifetime warranty: check
4 When used as instructed, compared to the water used when running the tap continually to hand wash dishes.
5 Clinically proven dandruff protection with minimal ingredients, using 45% less plastic and 100% recyclable bottle & cap.