Global Responsibility Performance Highlights

May 24, 2017 9:00 AM ET

As featured in the Walmart Global Responsibility Report 2017 

Our approach to global responsibility
Working with others, we aspire to reshape whole systems to achieve significant and lasting improvement in social, environmental and economic outcomes. For example, enhancing environmental sustainability in retail supply chains means addressing their social and economic dimensions, too. We have placed, and will continue to place, increasing emphasis on social issues such as empowering women and promoting worker safety and dignity.

About this report
This report covers the global responsibility activities of Walmart and the Walmart Foundation, and information reported from grantees, suppliers and others, for fiscal year 2017, which ran from February 1, 2016, to January 31, 2017. For readers’ convenience, we refer to this fiscal time period as FY2017 throughout the report, unless otherwise noted. Grant funds reported as awarded or committed may not have been disbursed in FY2017 and full payment of those amounts may be subject to receipt of satisfactory impact reports.

For more information, please refer to 'Forward-looking statements'.

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