A Closer Look: Sustainability Across the Value Chain

IP's approach to sustainability encompasses their entire value chain
Sep 21, 2023 10:30 AM ET

Originally published in International Paper's 2022 Sustainability Report

Sourcing renewable raw materials and other resources, such as wood fiber, chemicals, fuel, manufactured parts and services. We: 

  • Source 32% of fiber from forests certified to the FSC®, PEFC™ or SFI® forest management standard
  • Trace 100% of uncertified wood fiber to origin using our ForSite™ Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping tool
  • Maintain FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody certification at more than half of U.S. box plants

Designing circular solutions, in collaboration with our customers. We:

  • Deliver connected packaging innovations using traceable digital applications
  • Supply renewable, recyclable corrugated boxes to help customers, including a growing e-commerce industry, become more sustainable
  • Transform cellulose fiber into solutions ranging from personal care products to fiber-reinforced concrete applications

Recovering products and providing a market for them, in our own facilities and distributed to others. We: 

  • Are one of the top users of recovered fiber in the world, using 5 millions tons annually
  • Recover, reprocess or facilitate the sale of 7 million tons of recovered fiber per year

Manufacturing renewable, recyclable and compostable products, in safe and inclusive workplaces. We: 

  • Responsibly produce 100 million boxes per day
  • Return 88% of water used in our manufacturing operations back to the environment
  • Generate about 70% of mill energy from carbon-neutral biomass residuals

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