The CHL Coalition Hosts Webinar on Behavioural Science Driving Healthier Choices

Feb 10, 2021 10:30 AM ET

The Consumer Goods Forum, Collaation for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition of Action hosted an interactive on 26 January 2021 to explore how insights from behavioural science can shape the design of products, policies and retail environments to make the healthy choice the easy choice for customers. 

Host Sharon Bligh, CHL Coalition Director, was joined by the Behavioural Insights Team’s Dr Hannah Behrendt and Dr Filippo Bianchi, Oxford University’s Professor Susan Jebb, and INSEAD’s Professor Pierre Chandon as they shared their key expert insights.

The Behavioural Insights team highlighted the health inequities in society that make the promotion of healthy eating increasingly important. In showcasing the potential for meaningful impact in the UK and beyond, they outlined the unique opportunity for decision makers within the food industry to promote healthy diets and healthier lifestyles.

Webinar attendees got the opportunity to explore various intervention designs that promote healthy food choices, as they delved into dual process models as well as their EAST framework. The team went on to rank the effectiveness of the various interventions, before closing with an action plan of next steps for CHL members and partners to continuously promote healthier and more sustainable diets.

While speaking about scaling up, scaling out and scaling onward, Professor Jebb encouraged CGF members to continually think of interventions that are meaningful and effective in driving healthier choices. She emphasised the need for interventions to be both scalable and doable, as well as the need to ensure long term sustainability by finding a win-win scenario for both people and businesses. Professor Jebb noted that a challenge that remains, however, is data sharing and evaluation.

Professor Chandon went on to share recommendations for industry-researcher collaborations in which he highlighted key principles and practices. These included having an ambitious scope, clear governance and consideration for end customers. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of involving key people from the start as well as mixing nutrition, attitudinal and behavioural data.

The webinar closed with a lively Q&A session in which attendees were able to get further insights into key points in the exchange with the experts. The CHL Coalition of Action looks forward to further knowledge sharing in future collaborative webinars as we continue to promote healthier lives for communities across the globe.