Ceres Applauds Federal Regional Transmission Planning Rule as a Key Step in the Nation’s Buildout of Reliable, Resilient Grid

May 13, 2024 2:15 PM ET
Campaign: Climate Change

May 13, 2024 /3BL/ - Ceres welcomes the final regional transmission planning rule approved today by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which will reshape the way regional transmission lines are planned and paid for to ensure a more reliable and cleaner electric grid in the coming decades.

“At a time of growing electricity demand, worsening extreme weather, and a wave of investment in advanced manufacturing and energy infrastructure, the U.S. risks falling short of its economic and energy goals without transmission to deliver reliable, affordable, and clean power across the country,” said Zach Friedman, director of federal policy, Ceres. “Ceres and the businesses we work with applaud FERC commissioners for finalizing this important rule, which promises to help unlock critical transmission projects by assessing their many benefits and the long-term needs of the electric grid. This is a necessary step to maximize the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, key state policies, and the surge of private-sector investments in America to build out an abundant and prosperous clean energy economy.”

Recognizing the critical role of an accelerated transmission buildout to connect businesses with the reliable, affordable homegrown clean energy the economy demands, Ceres has worked throughout 2024 to organize corporate support for a robust FERC transmission rule.

In March, during its premiere annual advocacy event LEAD on a Clean Economy 2024 Ceres brought representatives from several key companies to meet with FERC commissioners, including Apple, Best Buy, HASI, Microsoft, Nucor, Salesforce, and Workday.

Ceres also submitted comments to commissioners with recommendations for the final rule, noting that “inefficiency and disorganization in transmission is the Achilles heel of our national effort to create a strong, sustainable, and equitable economy powered by clean energy.”

Ceres is a nonprofit advocacy organization working to accelerate the transition to a cleaner, more just, and sustainable world. United under a shared vision, our powerful networks of investors and companies are proving sustainability is the bottom line — changing markets and sectors from the inside out. For more information, visit ceres.org.

Media Contact: Helen Booth-Tobin, booth-tobin@ceres.org