Environmental, Social, and Governance

Environmental, Social, and Governance for Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

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Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

To Measure Social Impact, We Could Start by Using the Tools We Already Have
An initiative called Project Kirana, launched by Mastercard and its partners, helped Renu adopt digital payments, creating the formal transaction history that would show her business was booming.

Diversity & Inclusion

Advancing the Financial Health of Women Workers in Global Supply Chains
RISE supports collaborative industry action at scale to advance gender equality in global garment, footwear and home textiles supply chains.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

The Secret Ingredients to Thriving Small Businesses
The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a heavy blow to small businesses, but a silver lining emerged amidst the shuttering of storefronts: a clearer understanding of the types of support small businesses need to survive, grow and compete in today’s digital economy.

Research, Reports & Publications

Mastercard: For Everyone To Win, You Have To Keep Score
The Mastercard Newsroom spoke to Franco to learn how the Inclusive Growth Score has evolved, how the new report can help leaders better understand the factors that drive equity and what’s next.

Diversity & Inclusion

With New Digital Tools, Millions of Women Entrpeneurs Are Building Resilience
After many years of little progress, we’re finally narrowing the gender gap in financial account ownership. According to the most recent Findex, the gap narrowed from 9 percent to 6 percent across developing economies as more women gained access to financial tools.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Mastercard's Davos Takeaways: The Economy, Blockchain and Building Trust by Accelerating Inclusion
About 2,700 policymakers, finance and tech leaders, celebrities, journalists, academics and activists gathered at Davos to debate topics such as deglobalization, decarbonization, distrust and digitization under the theme of “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.”

Diversity & Inclusion

Unlocking Potential: How Financial Inclusion Can Create a Better Tomorrow
Through CARE’s Ignite Program – a partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth – Thao was able to obtain affordable financing through the programme’s access to essential digital tools and training, which helped her expand her business to online sales.

Innovation & Technology

Trust in Tech Has Eroded: Here Are 3 Ways To Rebuild It
My company, like many others, believes that there’s great promise in blockchain technology to build more efficient financial instruments and payments systems. But none of it is possible without trust first.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Striving To Thrive 2022: The State of Play for Micro and Small Businesses
To help small businesses access technology and develop digital skills, we launched Strive UK.


We Can't Solve the Climate Crisis Without Women
If we’re going to solve the climate crisis, says Mastercard Chief Sustainability Officer Ellen Jackowski, we’ll need all hands on deck—and that, of course, includes women.

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  2. Environmental, Social, and Governance
    Environmental, Social, and Governance for Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth