Alibaba Cloud Contributes to Singapore’s Green Plan

Aug 2, 2023 7:25 AM ET
Campaign: Sustainability

By Di Wu | Published on June 30, 2023

In 2022, Alibaba Cloud launched Energy Expert, a Software-as-a-service platform that measures and analyzes carbon emissions and provides reduction suggestions to companies and organizations.

Now, the platform is used in Singapore to help achieve the net zero goal in 2050, by partnering with different stakeholders, including government agencies, universities, event organizers, and more.

The most recent example was the Olympic Esports Week 2023 in Singapore.

Energy Expert provided measurement, analytics and carbon reduction recommendations from the temporary venue construction to fan engagement.

During the i Light Singapore 2023, Alibaba Cloud is honored to be a partner of Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and provide energy-using and carbon emissions insights for Lightwave: Turning the Tide, an immersive light display coming under the umbrella of the festival’s lineup of programmes. The closing chapter of the immersive light show also encourages individuals to make pledges to live a greener lifestyle.

To know more about Alibaba Cloud’s green initiatives in Singapore, watch this interview with Zhou Wenwen, the general manager of Energy Expert at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Below is a transcript of this video, edited for clarity and brevity

Zhou Wenwen: Singapore government launched its green plan in 2021, which proposed achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Public sectors, enterprises and individuals are all involved in this green plan.

Alibaba Cloud is delighted to contribute our digital technologies to this green plan and partner with different stakeholders such as Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), universities like Nanyang Technological University, and so on.

Energy Expert is a SaaS platform developed by Alibaba Cloud and launched in 2022, which provides sustainability solutions for worldwide customers to measure, analyze and reduce their carbon emissions.

In the i Light Festival 2023, Alibaba Cloud worked with URA, to use Energy Expert to analyze carbon emissions at Lightwave, an immersive light event at Marina Bay. The sustainability solution also provided actionable insights and energy-saving recommendations for future editions of the event. Additionally, individuals were invited to make pledges in this event, for achieving the net-zero target.

In addition to this i Light Festival, Energy Expert provided solutions from the temporary venue construction to fan engagement for the Olympic Esports Week 2023. With a customized digital dashboard, carbon footprint and carbon reduction details can be visualized in one place. The other innovation was a mini-program for fan engagement in the Olympic Esports Week 2023, which encourages the public to take photos to discover surrounding carbon footprints, make a pledge of sustainable initiatives and get badges for a greener lifestyle.

All the Olympic Esports Week solutions followed the Olympic Games’ Carbon Footprint Methodology and UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework. We hope it can be left as a legacy for the IOC and become a standard solution for sustainable sports events in the future.

There are more interesting interactions and more events in Singapore. Alibaba Cloud also follows the Singapore MICE sustainability roadmap, which is a guidance for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.

With local partners, we will continue contributing to Singapore’s sustainability by leveraging data and AI technologies from Alibaba Cloud. 

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